I remember that old “Back to School” dread I used to get around this time of year when I was a kid. For me, “Back to School” sale advertisements remind me of those early teen years when cool 3-ring binders or a new set of colored markers could only marginally distract me from the trepidation I felt about starting a new school year with new teachers, new curriculums, and new class rooms full of other kids.

Back then Jean-Paul Sartre’s
famous existential adage held true for me,
“Hell is other people.”

I pretty much failed to fit in anywhere, especially not with the other kids at Greenwich Country Day School. Even kids I liked weren’t really a match for me in one way or another. But my parents wanted me to get the best possible education, so I went there from first through the ninth grades.

I wish I knew then what I know now
about the Law of Attraction because I would
have had a much better time of it. 


Now that I’m conscious about the kinds of people I want to attract and confident that I can attract them, the right people appear in my life quite magically.

But back when I was harassed on the school bus, or teased in the hallway, or shunned in some way or another, I had no clue that any of it was under my control.  Mostly I secretly seethed inside, wishing I would be gutsy enough to say what I really thought, to be self-expressed in any meaningful way, and to have other people truly ‘get’ me.

Now I know my negative and resistant attitude
simply brought me more and more opportunities 
to suffer in my existential angst.

I didn’t start snapping out of my negative trance until I was about 17 and discovered a whole group of artists and musicians I could relate to. But it would take me another twenty years to really wake up to that I was creating the movie of my life, and there was nobody ‘out there’ to blame for my own feelings of alienation.

Monday as I browsed through Labor Day sale items at the shopping center, I cast a sweeping glance at those ‘Back to School’ specials and thought about my old school days with a bit of a shiver. Maybe that’s why I love to teach people about using Law of Attraction in their business relationships, because I know the pain of attracting the wrong people over and over and over again.

In the early days of my business I used to
take any and all clients who came my way,
whether they were a match or not.

Thankfully I found the Strategic Attraction PlanTM and started attracting my perfect customers. Now I love all the people I work with and who enter my life because they are a perfect match for me. Life is a far cry from those old private school days.

Before I left the shopping center, I reached for that full set of colored Sharpies with the free mini pen 8-pack on the back and threw it in my basket. “All the better to create my Attraction Plan with,” I thought, and snickered as I went through the check out.

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Please leave your comments below: How does “Back to School” make you feel?