Brand and Logo Design for Forgiveness to Freedom by Julia Stege of Magical Marketing

Brand and Logo Design for Forgiveness to Freedom by Julia Stege of Magical Marketing

If you have been struggling in any way with your brand, your message, what to write, how to name your stuff, or even how to create your authentic marketing funnel in a way that attracts your perfect customers, here are the 6 steps I take my high-end branding clients through to clarify their wildly attractive authentic brand.

Step 1: Attraction Planning ~ The first step to creating an authentic brand is to define what you really want so you can start attracting it. The most powerful tool I’ve discovered for this process is the Attraction Plan created by Perfect Customers, Inc. You can get that at

Step 2: Branding from the Heart ~ The second step is about integrating your Attraction Plan into your brand in the process I call Branding from the Heart. In short, to start the Branding from the Heart Process, ask yourself what your true life’s passion is and start writing down the words that define that passion. When you combine your passion with what you offer to the world (your products, services, and results) you have the basis for a totally unique, wildly attractive brand! The formula is Tick Words + Offering Words = Authentic Brand (I demonstrate this in more detail in the webinar)

Step 3: Your Authentic Brand Message & Visuals ~ The third step is to take what you created in Step 2 and craft your unique brand message and visuals. When you use your “Tick Words” to describe your offerings and combine those with visuals that reflect your personality and purpose, those who are a match for you are drawn to you by their intuition. In fact, they are so drawn to you that it might even be painful for them NOT to buy from you.

Step 4: Your Wildly Attractive Offer ~ Once you have defined your brand, the best way to attract perfect customers is to put up a website and develop a wildly attractive free offer so you can start capturing names and emails online. Your free offer should be a first step in your own program. This helps you to build a fan base of folks who are in alignment with your message and offering. As you communicate with your peeps on a regular basis, those who are ready to receive your help will step up!

Step 5: Authentic Marketing Funnel ~ Once you have clarified your brand and have a free offer, you want to apply your brand to your products and s

ervices and create a cohesive funnel from your free offer to your paid offerings. This involves creating streamlined offerings that guide your customers through the steps of your program.

Umbrella Brand: When you have a lot of different offerings, you want to create an Umbrella Brand that captures the essence of all of them. How? Share what makes you Tick! Your passion and purpose are what unites everything you do. Create your brand to reflect your passion and all you do will fit cohesively under it!

Step 6: Bringing Your Message to the World  You know what you want.  You have your Authentic Brand. You have your Free Offering. You have your Products and Services. Now go out networking, in person and online and share your passion authentically.  Connect with people of like mind and heart. Give give give, and watch what the Universe brings you!



Don’t let being stuck on what to say, what to offer or how to promote yourself authentically, keep you from getting your message and unique gifts to the world. My programs are specifically designed for out-of-the-box creators like yourself to finally attract your tribe and inspire a revolution. Come to the next presentation of my complimentary webinar Branding Basics for Conscious Entrepreneurs. Learn More and Register Here.