In traditional branding, there is a high value placed on consistency. This is one aspect of traditional marketing I still adhere to. When you are trying to be seen and known online, consistency of your message and visual brand will help people to remember you.

But there is a problem when your brand is based on something superficial or fleeting. Most people do this because that is what they are told to do. Most of us do not consider these things any more superficial or fleeting than marketing generally is, and feel there is no escape from this behavior.

What do I consider superficial or fleeting? Some examples are:

  • Following the latest trends in marketing or design (fleeting)
  • Allowing someone to tell you what to write or say even if it doesn’t feel authentic (superficial)
  • Doing marketing research for the opinion of others (fleeting)
  • Listening to the opinions of your friends or clients above your own intuition (fleeting and superficial)
  • Branding focused on your latest idea (fleeting)
  • Describing your modalities instead of revealing what’s within you (superficial)
  • And more

So what’s the alternative, you may be wondering? How can my branding and marketing be authentic and consistent?

The answer is to brand the unchanging you.

I was listening to an Eckhart Tolle video this morning where he was in a dialog with a young filmmaker. He asks the filmmaker, “What in all the things you’ve done and experienced over your life was always the same? Was it your body? No because your cells are changing all the time. Was it your thoughts? No, because thoughts are always changing. Was it your emotions? No, those are also always changing. Was it your situations? Definitely not. These are always changing. So what was always the same.”

And the filmmaker said, “I was there.” And Eckhart asked, “And who is this I who was always there.” And the filmmaker said, “the listener.”

dreamstime_22843320 webI was meditating on this Unchanging I and immediately understood, this is what I aim to brand when I’m working with my clients. I see the Unchanging You is the core of your essence, your life force, your Soul’s Purpose. This is the only consistent thing about us.

Our offerings change, our opinions change, our advisors change, Google and Facebook change (daily!), trends in marketing change, our clients and their opinions change, our wants and desires change, our challenges change. If we base our brand on any of these, our brand will not be lasting. It will need to change.

But if we base our brand on the Unchanging I, the core of our essence, our authentic self, then that brand will not need to change, no matter what you are offering, no matter what others say, no matter what the latest trends are in your industry or the marketing world.

This is what my system Branding from the Heart is all about. I have developed a way to tap deep within your soul to discover the Unchanging You and share that through your message and visuals. I’d love to introduce you to this system by offering you the gift of my book, “Branding from the Heart: How to Share Your Purpose through Marketing that Attracts Your Tribe and Inspires a Revolution.”

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It is my purpose and pleasure to help you brand the Unchanging You. I would love to hear your comments about what I’ve said here or anything that has occurred to you from reading this today.