Most of the time we think about marketing as a mundane activity, not an opportunity for self-expression, much less one with the power to transform our lives. The reason for this is that most traditional marketing is designed to coerce a person into taking an action they didn’t want to take in the first place, or to fool a person into buying something on false premises.

I remember the first time I recognized that advertising wasn’t always honest.

I was four years old and every girl in my neighborhood wanted the magic babydoll that would fall asleep with a movement of a wand. The T.V. commercial made the doll seem magical with sparkles in the air every time the wand waved, and you know I wanted it so badly.

My parents refused to buy the thing for me, my mother saying, “you know there are no sparkles in the air around this doll in real life.” But I didn’t believe her. That Christmas my neighbor received the doll and the reality of the thing, just as my mother had warned, was far from the advertisement.

That experience shocked me so much that
I never believed in advertising or marketing in the same way again.

Fast forward and I’m in Manhattan working in the marketing industry as a young designer and realizing again that marketing is about lying and hype and coersion. I finally realized needed to either leave the industry or I needed to develop a new paradigm for marketing.

 So I left New York and I tried to leave the industry multiple times, but I discovered when you have an in-demand talent you either charge for it or do it for free. There’s no getting away with not doing it at all.

Eventually I developed a new paradigm for marketing that relies heavily on being radically authentic and true to your soul’s purpose. It’s the opposite of what I experienced in Manhattan, where you sell your soul for the almighty dollar.

I’m proud to say, it’s an experience that can transform your life.

Listen to what Michelle Peticolas, a branding and website client, said about the experience she had working with me on her Wildly Attractive Website.

 “Most women are brought up to be pleasing to others. It is a big paradigm shift to create a business where you do the things that most please you. Of course when you are most happy and doing the things you love, you are most attractive to the people you serve. It’s a big shift in thinking. Julia captures your essence in your website. It’s your task to become more comfortable in revealing your authentic self rather than the safe persona you’ve been using all your life.”

When Michelle says “It’s your task to become more comfortable revealing your authentic self,” she is referring to the process we go through together to develop an authentic brand message and visual. Often when you see your own soul expressed visually in the website design, the shift you must make to embrace that level of visibility is the same shift you must make to share your life work with the world.

Michelle graciously agreed to join me in a public conversation “How We Create Wildly Attractive Websites Behind the Scenes Expose,” to discuss the transformation she experienced as we worked on her website.

She shred the good and the ugly (transformation is not always easy) and how the result is a more authentic life. Learn more about the webinar HERE: