Today I am thinking about Freedom; Not just because it’s Independence Day, the day Americans on all sides of the political spectrum celebrate Revolution. And not just because Freedom forms the ideological foundation for our country that is celebrating it’s birthday today. It’s because I’m always thinking about Freedom.

Freedom is part of what makes me tick.

Sing a ‘Song of Freedom’ and I’m likely to tear with gratitude. This is what I’ve based my life upon. All the decisions I ever made have had this at the core: Freedom.

I guess that makes me a true American Revolutionary, in addition to fact that I’m a direct descendant of the 3rd Patroon of Staten Island and ‘Original American Patriot’
My 8th Great Grandfather,
Cornelis Melyn, fought against
the slaughter of Indians and for
the right of colonists to represent themselves in the 1640s.
Cornelis Melyn, as well as American RevolutionaryColonel Jesse Leavenworth of Connecticut. Ha Ha I could join the Daughters of the American Revolution and they would have to accept me (but I won’t, I promise. It’s a VERY conservative organization.)
Had I been alive 238 years ago I would have said “Give Me Liberty of Give Me Death.” Today I am deeply grateful for those who have come before me and blazed a trail for my Freedom. My life has always been a free expression of creativity, love and magic. I am thankful that I have the freedom to learn about, experience, and teach others the power of deliberate creation; How we are creating our lives through our thoughts, a teaching that in another time or another place would be condemned as blasphemy.
Think about it, back in the 1600s we would have been dunked as witches for talking with God, calling God ‘The Universe’, or using wild herbs to cure ailments. Women are still fighting for our freedom to be treated as equals and I support that cause with my Rebel Marketing for Women Who Won’t Be Silent.
Today the freedom I experience due to my ability to run my own business, live a life as an artist, writer and visionary, and live in the beautiful California wine country, brings tears of joy and gratitude to my eyes.

Can I interest you in considering your Freedom today?

Perhaps it’s something you’ve been taking for granted, or perhaps you have been fearing the political tide would take our Freedom away. Either way, now is a great time to appreciate the Freedom we have, and to indulge in visions of Freedom for All.
Please share your visions of Freedom below. We want to be inspired by you, freedom lover!

For Freedom!

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