I’ve been listening a lot to Eckhart Tolle, Joe Dispensa and Alan Watts lately and they talk about the power of creating from nothing. So I started thinking about creating marketing from nothing. As I pondered this, I recalled that the times I was most successful with my marketing was when I created it from nothing, when I simply shared from the heart.

The opposite of creating marketing from nothing is when you’re really stressed out, looking at your bank account, fretting over the bills, saying, “I gotta get some clients!”

What happens with this is that it impacts the whole process from the start. I can tell you from personal experience, it doesn’t work very well.

Let’s break this down so you can see how the stressed out way to market works. You look at your bank account and you’re telling yourself, “I’ve gotta get some clients.” Or you might be simply saying, “It’s Monday and I have to do my newsletter,” or “If I don’t email my folks today, I’m going to fail.”

So if you go to email your folks from inside the context of “I’m going to fail,” even if you’re good at creating content, it’s going to come through to your people. In general, this will not create a good response.

Let’s say you do get a ‘good’ response anyway… let’s say you attract some people. But if you were attracting them from an off vibration, they will be off vibration to you. So we can create a cycle of unhappiness when we do it this way.

If you feel marketing is a drag, you are probably coming from this perspective.

So how can you start creating marketing from nothing?

Step 1: Release the Negativity from the Past

Do a meditation, go for a walk, do a clearing, practice some yoga… whatever you like to do for clearing yourself. You can speak it out loud, “I’m releasing my story of failure from the past.”

Step 2: Get to Nothing

Now see how long you can be without thoughts. This will relax the body and open you up to inspiration. Focus on your breathing for a few minutes.

Step 3: Get Inspiration from the Universe

After a few minutes of clearing your thoughts, you can ask a question: What is the Universe wanting from me today? What is the highest expression of my purpose today? How can I be most uplifting to my tribe today?

Step 4: Write it Down

Write down what comes to you and share it. Some people like to journal and spill a lot out on to the page. Some people, like me, like to type it all out.

Step 5: Share It!

Once you have all that inspiration written down, you can feel into what part of that you want to share. You can share it in an email, or a blog post, on social media, a Facebook Live or video, a live presentation, a webinar, or any marketing method.

Part of creating marketing from nothing is being willing to not know how it will all come out.

As I mentioned earlier, I listen a lot to presentations by Eckhart Tolle. He says, “you may notice there’s often a lot of silence before I start talking. The reason for that is because I don’t know what to say.” It’s funny, but it’s true. He simply waits from presence. He doesn’t wait from, “OMG there are all these people here, I better figure out what to say.” He actually allows the words to come from nothing. That is how he became one of the most popular self-help teachers in the world.

For you and me, it’s not, “OMG I have to write this letter, what should I say?” then going into the head trying to be clever. This is not some kind of strategy like “I know that such and such marketing blueprint works to make sales so I’m going to do that.” It’s sitting in presence and surrendering to what wants to be said. And then communicating what comes forth.

This is what my book Branding from the Heart is about: Getting as silent and present to nothing as you can, and the pathway to receive is open. Then whatever creativity or message you are wanting to share comes from that.

I’d love you to give it a try and let me know what you create! Please share your thoughts in the comments below.