As millions of people around the world are staying home due to lockdowns and self imposed isolation (I’ve been in isolation in Northern California with just my husband for a month now!), and many folks are forced to work from home, the time to get your heart-based business online is more prescient than ever. If you aren’t online yet, or you’re only part way there, I want to help you get ahead of the curve as millions of people all over the world take their businesses online.

My business has been online for 23 years and I’ve been helping others put their businesses online that whole time. There are some steps I’ve learned are vital to follow if you are to be successful attracting, engaging and converting customers online.

Here are the steps to your wildly attractive online business:

Step One: Create Your Attraction Plan

The first step I recommend to all my clients is to create an Attraction Plan to help you to clarify who and what you are attracting, discover what makes you and your tribe tick and become a magical magnet for your perfect customers. This magical process has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world to begin attracting the right people, often within 48 hours.

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Step Two: Identify Your Soul Tribe Profile

Once you are clear on generally who you are attracting, you will want to put into words your ideal client description or Soul Tribe Profile. When your tribe hears you speak about them, they say, “Hey, that’s me!” and feel gotten by you before you even meet. My Soul Tribe profile is: Spiritual Business Women and Conscious Entrepreneurs. What’s yours?

Step Three: Create Your Tribe Attracting Message

Now that you have your Soul Tribe Profile, you will want to create an authentic brand message that attracts and engages your tribe. The words you use here should be unique to you and reveal your essence, your skill set, and the results you produce for your clients.

My message is: I help spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs to clarify and express their purpose through branding and websites that attract their tribe and inspire an authentic connection online.

Step Four: Design Your Irresistible Freebie and List Building Funnel

To ensure your prospects connect with you, you want to design an irresistible free offer that gets them started working with you in a low-pressure setting (so you can call them later) plus an invitation to connect with you! Also make sure you include a follow up sequence that keeps them connected and interested in what you’re up to, until they’re ready to hire you. When you create your freebie, give generously. The Law of Reciprocity says you will receive in return.

Step Five: Define Your Unique Visual Brand

You want a beautiful brand visual that distinguishes you professionally, reflects your essence and reveals your Soul so your ideal clients will instantly recognize you online. Defining your own color palette, font selections, symbology, style and overall design will not only help you stand out professionally, but help your potential clients to remember you.

Step Six: Create Your Online Home Base ie Website

I believe a website that you can edit yourself is the most valuable asset for any online business. Ideally, your website will reflect your unique visual brand and message, engage your audience with copy that inspires action, and be user friendly so your prospects will easily connect with you. There are a lot of tools out there to get a website up, such as WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix and Weebly. Our team prefers WordPress and we use the beautiful Divi Theme and Visual Builder which we consider state-of-the-art.

Step Seven: Be Everywhere Online So You Can Be Found

Once you have your website up and running, it’s time to promote it and your offerings. I like to make sure my clients set up multiple social media platforms that all point back to the site, which helps the search engines find it. Social media platforms, industry directories, and blogs are all great ways to create backlinks to your site and improve your odds of being found.

Step Eight: Offer Online Trainings

The time is now to begin offering online trainings or if you are already, do more of them. Even if you don’t have all the above finished you can offer trainings, inspiration, upliftment, strategies, and support via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Zoom, or one-on-one via skype. Your people from around the world still need you so make sure you are available to them on a regular basis to provide what they need in a setting where you can connect and exchange ideas with people.

Need Help with This?

Over 80% of the people I speak with have some level of tech phobia or writer’s block which can slow down the process to getting online by months, even years. The solution is to get the right help. 

I am available to speak with you about your next steps to get your business online and to explore if Magical Marketing is a fit to assist you to implement these ideas. To schedule your session, visit and fill out my brief survey so I can come to our meeting prepared to share ideas. That will prompt an email with my scheduling link so you can get into my calendar at a convenient time for you. I look forward to connecting with you soon!