I was in tears for two days when I discovered there are 27 Million people in the world TODAY who are suffering in slavery. That’s double the total number of people enslaved in the entire trans-Atlantic slave trade of the 1600’s – 1800s. I learned about this from a video fellow rebel Angie Capri posted in the Rebel Marketing Facebook Group. I might not have seen it but my assistant Beth pointed it out to me. This video literally changed my life. It’s a video of a talk by photographer Lisa Kristine who has been photographing indigenous people for over 25 years and then in 2009 she began documenting this anti-human 32 billion dollar industry that thrives in a world that outlawed slavery over 100 years ago.


What is so different about this travesty in contrast to other issues like hunger and environmental destruction is that it happens in silence. Few people even realize that slavery still exists. As someone who has been inspired by the great American abolitionists Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman, I decided to make it my personal mission to free as many slaves as I can in my lifetime and I will do this by refusing to be silent.

I cannot think of a better mission for Rebel Marketing to take on than this one. Are you with me?

2 teens from Cameroon lured to the US with promises of education, what they got was slavery. Now they are free! We don't think of the US as harboring slaves but truth talks!

2 teens from Cameroon lured to the US with promises of education, what they got was slavery. Now they are free! We don’t think of the US as harboring slaves but truth talks!

I’m a fun-loving person but slavery is not a laughing matter, so this is what I’m doing:

First, I’m creating a webinar training where Rebel Women learn how to speak their truth to a global audience- because having a voice is the first step to freedom.

I will be donating a healthy portion of the proceeds directly to FreeTheSlaves.net the organization which brought this issue to the attention of Lisa Kristine and which is dedicated to freeing one slave after another from this terrible bondage. I will also be hosting a live event in the San Francisco Bay Area in February which will include a fundraising component so more money can go to FreeTheSlaves.net

You can join the movement by becoming an affiliate for this program where you will earn money and be rewarded, but most importantly you will be contributing to help free people – individuals just like you and me but born in the wrong place in the wrong time.

I love my work and I love being able to share it with people around the world, but now it means so much more because this work can really make a difference. Together we can be responsible for freeing people from bondage. Let’s work together to do it. I always know that work can be bigger than just me and the client I’m serving and this is how. I can’t wait to have you join me.

Here’s how it works: Visit http://www.magicalaffiliates.com and sign up to be one of my affiliates.

In a few days you will be sent a welcome email that includes your special link for the webinars plus all the marketing copy you will need to get the message out to your peeps.

To gain the most impact, you will want to send a few letters to your contacts via email and social media. You will be promoting first a free introductory webinar and then you will be inviting people to learn how to create successful webinars in my intensive Webinars for Wild Women.  When your contacts register for the intensive you can earn between $80 and $140 per registration.

I will be sending more information on this program to all who join me. Thank you in advance for doing your part to end modern day slavery. Stege_Julia-9437-L


Julia Stege
The Magical Marketer

PS: I know there are a lot of issues to be concerned about in the world, but none have impacted me with as much power as the modern abolitionist movement. I invite you to check out the video that changed my life (use link above) and join Magical Marketing in the movement to end slavery.