I have to admit that I’m afraid a lot of the time. I was told that it’s due to my Enneagram type. I’m a 6 which is the core fear point. So for me my usual old regular response to things not going exactly as I want them to puts me into a fear state. I get all full of doubt and I have a hard time simply trusting myself, much less the Universe.

And yet somehow I have managed to push through this fear to have a wildly creative life serving misunderstood mystics and conscious entrepreneurs from around the world. If I allowed my fear and doubt to control my life I would still be in bed right now, and I would have been there at least since early March when this whole pandemic thing hit.

How do I push through? By serving others the way I was born to do.

And this is why I’m writing this to you. To remind you that NOW is the time to get your unique thing out to your tribe, for sure!

A lot of people in my Soul Tribe experience fear and doubt, especially around coming out authentically online. I remember one client who fought with me over her website banner design because it revealed her soul too much and she was afraid it would HURT her business. (It didn’t. In fact her business grew by 600% when she shared her new brand, AND she told me she was embodying herself more since we did her website!.) Now because she stepped up to be her purpose, many more people are healing from sadness and loss.

Another client waited years before finally deciding to have me create her new brand and website and really get her business online. She was watching from the sidelines of her life as others put their businesses online and succeeded. But she doubted that her authentic self and her soul’s purpose were enough to create a business. And now she is edging toward 6 figures in her coaching biz and her clients really LOVE her. She is impacting a LOT more lives now than from the sidelines, that’s for sure.

A family therapist had for YEARS wanted to come out as a spiritual guide but she was feeling insecure about abandoning the traditional therapy model and being considered too “woo woo.” But once she did finally reveal her SOUL through her brand and website (with my help) she actually DOUBLED her practice in 2 months. Yup, turned out her people were waiting for her to finally live her purpose and help them with their spiritual path.

What all these folks and I have in common (and you too?) is that we have some unusual offering that is difficult to describe. Often even our best friends or spouses have advised that going down that road might not work, and that maybe we should take a more conservative path. (Argh!)

Like my best friend from college who said, trying to be helpful, “Maybe you should stop serving those hippie clients and start helping real businesses.” Um, really? I love you but don’t you remember we went to those Grateful Dead concerts together back at college?

Yes, all sorts of well-meaning people have told us that our idea is too complex, too spiritual, too scientific, too strange, too woo woo, too unusual, and too difficult to promote.

“There’s ‘never a crowd on the cutting edge.” Abraham – Hicks

Yes it’s’ true we are misunderstood a lot of the time. But here’s what those well meaning people don’t realize. There are millions of people out there looking for something completely different.The beauty of the internet is that there are literally millions of people out there like us and we can attract them online. We don’t have to leave our bed even if we are still there under the covers, trembling as we write our emails. (I actually got up today and made my bed so don’t look at me!)

So if you know you have some big things to do on this planet before your time is up, and you’re afraid to really do it the way your Soul is urging you to, I assure you, you are not alone. Almost everyone I know has gone through that terror of rejection or being burned at the stake.

But if you can stand in the fire of who you really are, even when people tell you they don’t get it, or that you’re too weird, or woo woo, your confidence will grow. And as you stand there being you, your tribe will finally see and recognize you, and they’ll want to connect.

You just need to have a little faith in you.

As Glinda the Good Witch of the South sang in The Wiz (yes I got to play her in a local production)
“Believe in yourself right from the start
Believe in the magic that’s inside your heart
Believe all these things, not because I told you to.
Believe in yourself as I believe in you.”


Julia Stege
The Magical Marketer

Let’s connect! If you feel resonant with my message and want to connect over virtual coffee, and learn how I can help you express your essence and attract your Soul Tribe online, you are invited to apply for a Magical Strategy Session at www.magicalstrategysession.com