I don’t usually like to brag about how much money I’m making. For some reason, despite the fact I’m in business, I feel like the money is almost a side point. The real point is whether or not I’m forwarding my purpose and the purpose of my Soul Tribe.

But my coach made me figure it out the other day, how much money I’ve attracted using my Branding from the Heart method, and it adds up to well over a million dollars. It’s really something when you consider I did it all just by being myself.

I remember back when I started teaching Branding from the Heart in 2006 I told folks I wasn’t sure they could make more money by being authentic than by lying and brainwashing people, but I could assure them that they would be more fulfilled.


Then, as if on cue, all these highfalutin marketing types started touting the benefits of being authentic in your marketing, how they’d made millions doing so. At the same time, Google started rewarding websites with authentic, well described content. Low and behold, this new authentic paradigm for marketing was replacing the old, worn-out, hypey model, and my income started rising, quickly!

Would you like to know the methods I use to consistently attract members of my Soul Tribe from around the world and inspire them to connect with me? Wouldn’t you like to attract over 40,000 peeps to your marketing funnel and create a consistent 6-figure business just by being yourself?

In my upcoming webinar Branding Basics for Spiritual Business Women and Conscious Entrepreneurs I’ll be sharing the very steps I consistently take to

1)      Describe my Soul Tribe so they can recognize themselves
2)      Identify what aligns us at the Soul level
3)      Create authentic messages that stir their imagination and touch their heart
4)      Inspire my website visitors to interact with me
5)      Spread my message across the globe so those seeking me may find me