What’s on the top of mind with most of my clients is creating content that is not only effective, but conscious. We want to make sure that what we create for our marketing and the delivery of our programs is uplifting to all of humanity and the planet as a whole, not just going for the bottom line. Of course we want it to effectively grow our businesses too. We want content that connects us with the right people, converts them into customers, and changes the world while we’re at it.

Kind of a tall order, right?

The problem is that those of us with heart-centered businesses often struggle finding the right advisors who can help us develop authentic content. In fact, somtimes our own coaches will tell us to water-down our message. “You can’t say THAT,” they emphasize. “That’s too WOO WOO,” is a popular one. Or you can fill in the blank after “too” — too radical, to out-there, too negative, too different.

The message is clear, being yourself, in their eyes, is not OK.

So what are you to do? Restrict your life based on the advice of these folks? Isn’t that what you created your business to get away from?

carol soaresThis is a conversation that my colleague Carol Soares is hosting in her series: The Conscious Content Experience: Feminine Journey to Producing Powerful Content that Connects, Converts, and Changes the World.

Carol has gathered 20 conscious content creating women (including me) who are living from their truth, defining their success and making it happen. Carol is so committed to supporting you to connect to your own potential and share your unique message, that she’s also giving you a full Process Plan to chart your content creation development path.

With this unique virtual summit, you can learn from the experiences and gifts of others about how to reach your powerful content sharing potential… at absolutely no cost to you.

Join the Experience Now

Here’s just a sample of what the speakers are talking about…

  • How to produce transformation in your own life…then for others
  • Why your capacity to believe in your capabilities is shattered, and what you can do to fix it!
  • Ways to enhance your mind to support your success
  • How to define, refine, and fulfill your biggest most powerful content goals…
  • That it’s not just a cliché, what you believe can come true…

And much more…

You have the opportunity to be part of the change! If you are willing to be heard. And remember, it’s completely free to sign up! Follow the link below to join us: Register for the Conscious Content Experience and access the free gifts HERE.

Don’t keep silent about who you really are and how you are destined to change the world. We know you’re that great. Join us in this summit now to get all the juicy conscious content!