The first website design I created for a client in 1997 featured a beautiful brand message "Herstar Feminist Astrology: a solar flare of female mind, healing sexual bias, and imbalance in astrology and cultural astronomy."

The first website design I created for in 1997… breaking the ‘rules’ even back then!

Back in the 90s when I first started creating websites for clients, there were very few businesses online.  The biggest business was and most of the businesses going online wanted to copy whatever did, including making their pages both busy and ugly.  Now obviously was successful as they are now the largest online retailer in the world.  However, does that mean all websites that came later should mock Amazon?  I always said no. That’s why my slogan back then was “Abolish Boring Websites!”

The fact is much of the website trends then and now are not appropriate for conscious entrepreneurs trying to get an authentic message out to the world. Most sites are either too hypey or too boring. Hypey sites sport red headlines, flashing arrows, giant BUY NOW buttons and sales copy full of exaggerated claims. Boring sites have too much text, look ugly, and don’t engage the viewer.

If your website is either too hypey or too boring, your tribe won’t recognize you when they find you. You could be sending thousands of people to your site and see little or no result because you are not authentically engaging your peeps.

So how can we make our websites more attractive to our tribe?
Make sure you know the answers to these five key questions:

circle-of-handsWho is your Soul Tribe? When starting a conversation, it’s helpful to know who you’re talking to. Most marketers encourage you to select a defined niche based on certain buying trends in the market. But heart-based entrepreneurs on a mission in the world will do better to attract a tribe who is on the same soul’s journey. Your website will be more attractive to your Soul Tribe when you can describe them in a way that they recognize themselves, and engage them in meaningful dialogue that touches their heart.

HUH1-200x300What will you say to them? Once you know who you are attracting, now you want to determine what you will say to them. You may only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your site visitors, so you want to engage them on the grounds of what is most essential to you and your business. Craft your website message from the heart and really share what is most important to you.  Remember that “like attracts like,” so by sharing yourself authentically in your website, your most perfect customers will be intuitively drawn to you.

What will you offer them? You must have a clear funnel that attracts your visitors to connect with you directly. The first step to this funnel is an irresistible free offer that your visitors simply MUST download. And not because you have a big red arrow pointing at your opt in box, but because what you’re offering is so KEY to your visitor’s needs. Make this the first step in your system and let folks really experience your work at a high level for free.

Does your site resonate like you visually? When someone comes to your website, you want it to FEEL like you. The colors, shapes, symbols, style combine to offer a certain experience, or vibration, for the visitor. Since your site represents you when you cannot be there to represent yourself, make sure the site design is a beautiful expression of you and your message.  Just as you would not attend a business networking function in your PJ’s, don’t let your online presence be frumpy, blah, boring or simply ‘OFF’ visually.

Google-DoodleIs your site Google friendly? If you cannot be found on Google, you cannot be found online… or at least for the most part. Google searches are the #1 way customers find their vendors these days, so you want your site to be Google-friendly. To do that, make sure your site is a WordPress and that you are updating the site frequently. This will not only help to keep the interest of your customers, but the search engines reward new content with higher ranking. Use your authentic brand message consistently throughout your site including headlines, page names, and tags.

Are you bragging about it? Though it’s easier to get good Google ranking than it was in the past, you still want to spread the word about your site through marketing.  The best places to brag about your website are at in-person and online networking spaces. Meeting people in person is still a vital element to your online marketing plan.  Also post your site to popular online directories and social networks to help your ranking.  Social networks also offer an incredibly viral platform in which to spread buzz about your site.  Make sure you let people know how to find your site and what benefit they will receive when they do that.

"I'm happy to help!"

“I’m happy to help!”

Is changing your site beyond your abilities? A lot of business owners suffer with a boring brand and website because they simply don’t know where to start. Suffering with lousy marketing can cost you countless thousands of dollars in lost revenue simply because it will fail to attract your customers online. There is no need to suffer when you have finally found the right person to help you.

I have created several programs designed specifically for heart-based entrepreneurs to develop a beautiful, authentic brand and unique online presence that attracts and inspires their perfect customers. To explore how Magical Marketing can make a difference in your business and in your life, apply for a Magical Strategy Session at