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Marketing is rarely associated with fun or anything positive. In fact, especially whereas spiritual business owners are concerned, marketing is an activity to dread and avoid. And that’s due to a number of factors like that traditional marketing methods are abhorrent to the conscious entrepreneur.

Consider how often marketing methods are designed to exaggerate the value of something, brainwash you into wanting something, or to pour salt in your already aching wounds.

If your business is about connecting with people to uplift them or end their suffering, how could you engage in this kind of marketing that makes so many people feel bad?

Of course you cannot and so what else can you do? That’s a question I get a lot from folks who call me from around the world aching to learn about authentic marketing.

The answer I give them is, “Be yourself.”

There’s really nothing more attractive than a powerfully authentic person with a gift that can transform lives. When we share from the heart in our marketing, and create a conversation for possibility with our perfect customers, then our marketing can actually transform lives, too. And for people like you and me, that’s about as fun as it gets!

magic-wandAn approach to marketing that is Fun, Fulfilling and Sustainable?

If you have marketing exhaustion, or dread going to networking events because you don’t know what to say anymore, then I have a webinar you will really enjoy.

It’s called “How to Put the FUN in your Marketing Funnel” and it’s a unique blend of magic, humor, strategy, and a whole new paradigm for marketing.

In our 90 minutes together we will

1) Learn the first baby steps of creating an attraction based marketing plan.

2) Discover who your Soul Tribe is and how to connect with them

3) Explore ways to create an irresistible marketing funnel that transforms prospects lives

4) Unearth the secret elements to a sustainable marketing plan

5) Answer your questions live on how to attract your perfect customers online

IMG_5386webPlease join us live on Thursday, November 13 for this special first-time presentation.

We will be giving away over $1000 in prizes at the webinar but you have to be there to enter.

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See you there!