Do Their Eyes Glaze Over
When You Describe What You Do?

Here’s Help!

If you have ever experienced frustration expressing what you do in a way that attracts your perfect customers and inspires them to buy from you, you have a branding problem. I assure you, you are not the only one.

I’ve spoken with hundreds of spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs who don’t have a clue about how to describe what they do in a compelling way. Have you ever had this experience?

You’re at an important networking function surrounded by potential customers and someone asks you what you do. You turn to them and smile pleasantly and then go into detail every modality you have ever learned. Somewhere into your description you notice they aren’t paying attention to you.
My client Meardis had this experience where she actually witnessed the person’s eyes glazing over. This is what she told me.

“I recently attended a lunch with a dozen or so Agape International practitioners. When one of the practitioners leaned over and asked me ‘so what do you do?’ I answered in my normal manner. “I’m a career intuitive and love coach, trained under Sue Fredericks, author of ‘I See Your Dream Job’, and I use these methods….”

As I started to list the modalities I use, I looked at this poor woman and noticed that her eyes had literally glazed over…I think it happened somewhere around “Sue Frederick,” but I continued with my pitiful introduction.”

When Meardis shared this with me I laughed with her then assured her it was perfect because we were scheduled for a private session to collaborate on her heart-felt brand message. Together we came up with a compelling name and brand statement that sets her apart from others in similar fields. Because it started with her Attraction Plan and what makes her tick, the resulting brand is authentic and easy to express.

A week later, Meardis was at the mall hiring a make-up artist for her website photo-shoot when a woman nearby overheard her conversation and asked, “Oh, so what do you do?”

Here’s what Meardis told me, “This time I answered, ‘I’m the Career Mystic. I use metaphysical tools to empower career women to answer their spiritual calling at work, at home and in the world.’ And instead of yawning, she looked back at me with a look of curiosity and excitement and asked for more information!”

Now ask yourself: What life would be like if you had that kind of freedom of expression when speaking with prospective partners and clients?

And then ask yourself how much business
you think you’re losing by not being able to
describe what you do?

Before I changed my brand and clarified my message, I had a satisfied logo design client of mine hire someone else for her website. When I asked her why she had decided not to work with me on her site she said, “But you don’t do websites, do you?” Clearly I had overwhelmed her with the litany of things I could do and the result was that she wasn’t really clear on what I do best.

Julia Stege ~ The Magical Marketer

That’s why I created my upcoming free webinar called
“How to Stop Boring Your Prospects
and Start Attracting Perfect Customers Authentically”

DATE: Thurs. February 19, 2015
TIME: 11:30 am PT / 12:30 pm MT / 1:30 pm CT / 2:30 pm ET / 7:30 pm GMT
DURATION: Training 60 min, open coaching 30 min = 90 min total

In this free 90-minute live webinar training I’ll share:

♥ The First Step to Authentic Marketing Many Entrepreneurs Miss
♥ How to Make Sure Your Message will Attract and Inspire Your Perfect Customers
♥ How The Law of Attraction Can Be Consciously Integrated Into Your Brand
♥ How to Share Your Passion in a Way that Promotes All Your Offerings Cohesively

And I’ll work with two lucky participants to help you clarify your brand!

Branding is a business necessity that very few business people fully understand. And creating an authentic brand that attracts your perfect customers when your offering is very difficult to describe, this can frustrate you for years.

That is if you’re trying to do it all yourself.

Take it from me, branding is not something you want to do alone in a vacuum, even if you are a brand expert like me. When I was upleveling my brand, I invested over $10 thousand dollars to work with two branding strategists on the creation, development, launch and marketing of my new brand. And am I glad I did. Getting help made me realize that I’d wasted years with a brand that wasn’t resonant with my true gifts.

Let me help you start developing your Authentic Brand so you can stop turning people off and start attracting your perfect customers authentically.

Register to receive the call information and replay afterward.

“Working with Julia and Magical Marketing has been the best investment that I have ever made. All the workshops, classes, webinars, and certification programs I’ve taken in the past never empowered me to speak in an authentic, cohesive, consistent and wildly attractive manner that attracts the right people to me and my work. Big Luv and Big Life to Julia Stege and Magical Marketing. I’m excited for what’s to come.” Meardis Wells

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