I sometimes watch videos from famous Internet marketers when they’re launching a product, mostly because I get sucked in (yet again) to their pithy headlines and impossible promises. Just like you, probably, right?

This happened the other day. I was innocently looking at my email (dangerous activity when trying to be productive and calm) trying to find a specific thing when I noticed yet another email from Vrinda Normand, this time promising I could fill my events. I opened the email for the sole purpose of getting off Vrinda’s list when I noticed she was promoting a free book and video by Callan Rush, yet another famous Internet Marketer who’s list I should leave.

But instead of opting out, I clicked, I opted in even.

The first Magical Marketing Live took place in May 2014 and was sold out, but man, that was a challenge!

The first Magical Marketing Live took place in May 2014 and was SOLD OUT!

The reason I did this is because last year I hosted two live events called Magical Marketing Live, and planning, organizing, hosting and leading these events was probably the hardest thing I’d ever done in my business. It was so stressful and physically taxing that I decided to not do them anymore, or at least for a long while.

But here was Callan Rush promising a “Live Event Revolution” and I started thinking, “hmm, maybe there’s an easier way to do this.” So I downloaded the book and started watching the video.

If you have ever heard her, Callan Rush has an easy-breezy presentation style she learned from teaching first graders for many years. She really makes everything sound easy. So I listened to her tell her story and talk about what works and what doesn’t work with events. But I kept listening, hoping for that kernel of wisdom that would make all the difference and inspire me to have live events again.

Then about 30 minutes into the presentation she said it. She said it would be easy to do this. Check it out. All you have to do is fill a room with 20 people all paying $1,000 each, do that 5 times per year (super easy she asserts) and you’ll have a 6 figure events biz.

I burst into tears.

My husband called from outside my office, “Are you crying?”

I let him know I was alright. Yes I was crying, but don’t worry, it’s just about Internet marketers who lie and hype.


At the Magical Marketing Live in November 2014 we had an outdoor experience.

I’m not trying to be a downer, I just KNOW it’s not easy to fill a room with 20 people paying $30 for a lunch, much less 20 folks paying $1,000 for a workshop. I have had the frustration of planning a $30 MeetUp workshop this spring which despite having over 500 members, got NO REGISTRATIONS. Yes I filled my 2 events last year but folks paid $200 at most, and about 30 folks got the event free with another program, and it took about 2 months of full time work to get it done.

That’s why I feel that telling folks that it IS easy, in an easy-breezy first grade teacher style, is dishonest and cruel. For about half a day I felt like an idiot that I’d even listened to the video.

Until I spoke with my coach, Rich German*, who knows Callan personally.

“I cried when I watched Callan’s video today. She says filling events is easy. Just get 20 people to pay you $1,000. Jeez.”

He laughed, “She’s trying to sell you something.”

“Yeah, but she sounds so NICE when she’s doing it.”

“She’s Canadian!”

We got into our coaching session and I calmed down, realizing I don’t need to do a live event’s biz. It’s not really my style.

In fact, I’m going to keep to what I know and yes, get good advice from mentors along the way, but STOP listening to the pitches of famously successful sales people whose job it is to convince me that they can make the impossible easy (for only $thousands) . And instead, I’m going to do what I know, and build my tribe consistently over time, and continue to offer great services and great value to my peeps.

And I invite you to do the same.

*  Rich German and his biz partner Milana Leshinsky (that crazy duo) are actually hosting a live event that I’m attending November 11 – 13 in Irvine, CA. Even though I hate leaving Sebastopol I’m going because it’s kind of THE place to be for entrepreneurs who are attracting clients online. There will be over 350 entrepreneurs in attendance who are seeking good Joint Venture partners. This environment breeds collaboration and I love it. And I love Rich too. And I have 12 tickets to give away FREE (Value $1,000!). If you are interested, please use this link to get your ticket, and comment below so we can connect at the event. http://www.easywebautomation.com/app/?Clk=5465126