Sometimes marketing online can be a bit frustrating. You feel like you are doing all this work and then you finally launch and …

… crickets.

This happened to me a few years ago when I was trying to launch a program that to be honest my coach had advised against doing. But I did it anyway and spent almost a year developing all the program materials not to mention all the marketing, including an amazing quiz that could personality type you. 

But as I said, when we went to launch, pretty much what we heard back was …


Now I really like crickets. Don’t get me wrong. I got outside at night where I live in the rolling hills of northern California and listen to the crickets and little frogs making their evening music. It’s beautiful. 

But not what you want to hear when you are launching.

So first I cried. I TOTALLY cried. I wept. I went through boxes of tissues. I stayed in bed really late.

Then I started looking at why I had done all this work. I mean really, why did I ignore my coach and do this thing that didn’t work? Why did I spend all those HOURS on something that was a total unknown?

And really, when it came down to it, I was doing what we call a “Dazzling Distraction.” I was getting all drawn in to what other people are doing and forgot about what I do best and I didn’t even follow my own protocol. I partnered with someone and followed her lead.

Sometimes I do that. I go against my own better judgement because I somehow get convinced that the way other internet marketing folks are doing business is better. They automate everything. They have systems that bring in people without them ever having to speak with them personally. They only work 4 hours a week (or so they say) and yet bring in millions (or so they say.) 

Have you done that? Started following an Internet Guru and then found yourself down a terrible rabbit hole with a bunch of crickets? 

If you have done that and wondered what happened and what to do instead, I have some steps I help my clients go through to make sure the road you’re traveling on is authentically yours to take and that what you create will be wildly attractive to your tribe.

We begin with the Strategic Attraction Plan that I share in my workbook The Soul Tribe Attraction Playbook, available now on my website.

I have to admit I don’t remember doing this before my big crickets launch. And it’s not a surprise that it didn’t work. Take the time to go through these steps and your launch will be much more successful.

Step 1: DESCRIBE the qualities, characteristics and attributes of your perfect customers and ultimately your Soul Tribe. This is who you are attracting. I often think of them as who you were born to serve. They are your ideal people, the ones you want to hang out with…the ones you want to help fulfil on their purpose in the world. Take time to really consider who you are addressing through your work.

Step 2: IDENTIFY What makes you and your perfect customers / Soul Tribe tick. This is the point of attraction between you and your tribe. This is what drives you in your life. This is your Soul’s purpose. If you can share your Soul’s purpose online, you will attract people who are aligned with you.

Step 3: SPECIFY What you want your perfect customers to expect from you. If you can attract anything you want, and you can, what do you want to attract? Do not allow your “I don’t know how” brain to get in the way as you’re writing down everything you really want in your business and in your life. This will include what you are already offering and what you have not yet manifested.

Step 4: DECLARE Who you have to be to attract what you want. Often we forget who we are being. This is problematic because our being is the source of our dominant vibration and the magnet that draws people and experiences to us. What you will create from a being that is rooted in love will be different from that which is rooted in fear.

Step 5: ATTRACTIVE ACTIONS It’s time to sort your Attractive Actions from Dazzling Distractions. It’s helpful to start with a list of Attractive Actions that will bring your Attraction Plan to life. The Dazzling Distractions are those things that take us off course, are not related to our attraction plan, and likely was someone else’s idea! If I had done this exercise before my cricket’s launch I believe I would have spent that time more wisely on Attractive Actions.

What are your next Attractive Actions? I’d love to hear what you’re up to!