Magical-Winter-Website-Sale-web2Have you been thinking about your website at all lately?

Thanksgiving has passed and there’s a chill in the air. This is usually the time of year we start thinking about what marketing we’re going to be doing in the new year. Because your website is such a key aspect of your marketing, it’s important to ensure that your website is wildly attractive to your Soul Tribe in 2016. That’s why we have our biggest sale this time of year… to make your 2016 most magical!

The first step to determining whether or not you need an upgrade, I recommend downloading my Magical Website Checklist. This will help you easily see what’s working and what’s not workoing on your website. And it offers some tips on what to do about the things that aren’t working. Get it here;

IF YOU KNOW your website is not up to par, and you KNOW you want to work with me on your site but have only been waiting for a sign, or for the best deal, now is the time to act! Right now our $3,997 Magical Marketing Branding & Website Package is on sale for $2,997. To reserve yours, make a fully refundable $500 deposit HERE.

If you are PRETTY SURE you want a new website and want my assistance to be certain, and to check out whether or not Magical Marketing is a good match for you, I have opened several slots in my calendar for Magical Website Analysis Sessions. We will get together by phone or skype to review your site and determine the best actions for you to take to make it Wildly Attractive. Apply for one of those sessions HERE.