I don’t know what took me so long.

Ever since I was a young child I had fantasies of singing and acting in musicals, and I’d stuck my toe in the water a couple times. But I always had that negative self talk, “you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re not as good a singer as those other kids. You dont’ know how to act.” This stopped me for a long, long, very long time.

Then I got older. And older. And older. And I noticed I wasn’t doing fun things that are just about fun, that don’t have anything to do with work. Yes I always have had a passion for my business, but when I was trying to think what else I was energized about in life, I asked my husband and he said, “work.” And I said, “what else?” And he said, “work.”

And the more I worked, the more isolated I became. Till I was wrapped in my head, all tight like a nut and frequently I woke up in the middle of the night consumed with worry. (This is what happens when we repress our creative selves, I discovered.)

Luckily I got some help, I joined a local women’s mastermind and got the support I needed to explore my passion. I mean, work I love is great but that’s not all there is to life! So I started painting (that story coming soon too!) and trying out for musicals, and then…

Fast forward a year and a half and there I am standing in the spotlight of a small local theater production of The Wiz, playing Glinda the Good Witch, donned in golden sequins and a sparkling train, a lighted crown and holding a 6 foot tall glittering staff.

And I’m singing!

“Believe you can go home. Believe you can float on air. Just click your heels three times, if you believe, then you’ll be there”

My voice is echoing throughout the theater and I see the grinning faces of friends and strangers alike and I feel like I AM floating on air. A kind of happiness is welling inside of me greater than I remember experiencing before.

As the band plays louder, my backup singers come out holding glittering stars, and they’re singing with me, “Believe in yourself right from the start. Believe in the magic that’s inside your heart. Believe all these things not because we told you to, but believe in yourself…”

I look up and the whole theater is alive and believing and smiling and I’m basking in the light and expressing myself at the highest level possible, “As I believe in you.”

I had been practicing this song for four months, every day, several times a day. In the moment it felt perfect. The tone was nice and the message was clear. I was glowing and the whole room exploded in cheers. I was being my goddess self, and I was glowing.

And was it perfect? I mean, would I have wanted Simon Cowell there judging me? No way.

But this is what I discovered, I don’t have to be technically perfect as a singer and actor to move my audience.

People came streaming up to me afterward to thank me. One woman from the senior center came by in her wheelchair and grabbed my hand and held it wordless, smiling, nodding.

So when I got the video from the producer, I couldn’t wait to watch it. But when I did, that old critic came up and I was cringing. And crying, because the memory of it is so touching to me, and the song is such a reminder of what I’m all about, really. And I was thinking, I can’t show this video to anyone. Maybe I’ll just enjoy it myself.

This is the problem I think we all face at some point or another, a fear around really showing up going for it even when we’re not perfect. So we keep trying and trying and trying to perfect our expression, holding it close to our heart but never showing anyone. And when we do that years can go by and we haven’t gotten to share that part of ourselves with people.

So in effort to inspire you to stop doing that, I’m going to stop doing that now with this video. The first part is me as Glinda the Good Witch floating on stage to encounter Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion and Tinwoman in the chamber of the Wiz. The Wiz has just been revealed as a fake, and says, “none of you need anything from me.” That’s my cue ; ) I do my best to let these folks know the magic is inside of them. And I sing about it.

Check it out here:

The Wiz “If You Believe” Nov. 12, 2017 from Julia Stege The Magical Marketer on Vimeo.

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