Are there times you’ve felt totally misunderstood even though you’re on the verge of such an incredibly important breakthrough that it could literally change the world? Do you feel like you are SO CLEAR that you are here for a specific and unique purpose, but you’re afraid nobody will get it?

That’s what’s been going on with me over the last 6 months. It’s an exhilarating, scary, fun and tormented process for me. Now I know what my clients go through! I call it an identity crisis. It’s that uncomfortable zone before the breakthrough in clarity.

Sometimes it can feel like swimming in pea soup because nobody’s actually done what you really want to do, and so they can’t just tell you, “do this and that and you’ll be successful.” Sometimes (I’ve done this) you pay thousands of dollars to someone to help you clarify your brand and they tell you to just eliminate this huge aspect of your identity.

You think, is this what I have to do to be successful; pretend I’m someone else?

I help people with this all the time. In fact, it’s my specialty. So to find myself in the middle of it is … well it feels vulnerable to tell you about it.

“There’s never a crowd on the cutting edge,” said Abraham. Ain’t that the truth?

You see, for decades now there have been two parts of me who other people have seen as in congruent, contradictory, or just plain strange; my rebellious artistic activist side and my magical spiritual metaphysical side. “You can’t do that AND that! They don’t work together,” they said.

Have you ever been told that you can’t be all of who you really are because it will confuse people or turn them off?

I have, seemingly every day of my life. Even my best friend told me years ago, “If you just get rid of your hippie clients you’ll do better.” My husband concurred. Boy were they wrong!

Let me back up a minute. Starting really early, as young as 4 years old, along with drawing, I studied astrology, psychic phenomenon, metaphysics and shamanism. I had become a professional artist and I learned to astral project, read auras and do Tarot and Astrology readings all by the time I was in my early 20s.

Then I left Manhattan for the midwest and fell in with a bunch of student activists and revolutionaries who really didn’t get the astrology thing, or the purpose of astral projection. We were united around the idea of freedom and we open to many things.(That’s us protesting the racist firing of a popular, outspoken Black student counselor) We even did some trippy experimentation into the unseen realms, but overall I wasn’t encouraged in the metaphysical direction in that community.

I remember a specific time when a friend told me I couldn’t have books on revolutionary philosophy and astrology in the same book shelf because astrology is about pre-determinism and revolutionary philosophy is about freedom.

She couldn’t see what I could see, that understanding metaphysical laws IS about freedom, that if we all empowered our magical selves more we could experience more freedom right NOW.

In fact my astrology explains the dichotomy: Pisces Sun/Mercury/South Node with Gemini Moon and Sagittarius Rising, plus a Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction in Capricorn in the 1st House. I’m telling you, it’s difficult to pin me down!

When I left the Midwest and came to California, I was traveling with the Grateful Dead selling T-shirts and my activist colleagues felt that was totally contradictory to being a revolutionary. To me the Dead was all about freedom, but we got a lot of flack for wandering around the country following a scene that started with the Summer of Love. Hippies and activists supposedly don’t get along.

When in my late 30s I stumbled upon a transformational workshop that changed my life (The Landmark Forum) I awoke to my metaphysical self again and dove into all branches of transformational and spiritual exploration, magic, Law of Attraction, shamanism, metaphysics, and the realm of the unseen. I have been fully living into this over the last 20 years, but overall I have discovered,in this world the revolutionary activism part of me was discouraged. “You cannot fight against things,” they said. “What you resist, persists.”

OK, I get it. I TEACH the Law of Attraction to my clients. But there is a part of me that is so much about justice, and I see millions of women and men sold into slavery, I watch the water tables rising all across the world, hear about millions without homes while just a tiny minority steal billions from the people with impunity, and I am outraged.

I cannot be silent. I feel the forced silence of women throughout the ages weighing on my heart and I feel the need to do something about it.

Listen to women for a change!

I feel that I was born to help women stand up and speak out, to be our authentic selves and not be held down or pushed back or told, “no you cannot do that or that or that!”

I feel a kindred spirit with the women who were burned at the stake for making healing teas and speaking directly with God, and so do most of my clients. I feel there is a new world rising where we are free to unite and express all aspects of ourselves, and that we are here to bring it into being.

Now I refuse to be split into two and I’m bringing this all together. Though I feel like Silly Putty right now, as if I’m standing on the Event Horizon waiting to be stretched to oblivion, I know this is the direction I was born to take, and that my tribe awaits me there. I am uniting the Magician and the Rebel. This is so scary for me to share with you that my stomach is in a knot!
I know some folks don’t identify with the word Rebel, because of some associations folks have with it. So I am redefining it.

The new rebellion is not about fighting, it’s about doing what we are called to do, no matter what other people say.

The new rebellion is about creating a powerful new paradigm that is so compelling, so real, so magical, so much about love and oneness, that the old paradigm of separation, fakery, hatred, repression, environmental destruction, greed, and shortsightedness simply fades away.

I know it may seem strange to say but I think branding and marketing are important keys to creating this new paradigm for living on planet Earth. The reason for this is that when our marketing is truly authentic, it attracts our most perfectly aligned people, our Soul Tribe, the people we were born to serve. The people we will bond with to change our world.

But when we are responding to those folks who say, “you can’t…” even and especially when we’re telling ourselves that lie, when we hold back our true voice, our tribe won’t recognize us. Our tiny voice becomes just a whisper on the wind, gone in a whisp.

But the power of the empowered voice, that can save the world.

Do you relate to my story? Are you having an identity crisis of your own? I want to hear from you! And I want to help you!

I want to know what you relate to in what I just wrote above. What aspect of you have you not been sharing through your business? What pieces of the intricate puzzle of you have you been told to leave behind, hide or pretend away? What did you think you needed to be silent about that you now want to share with the world?

I’m coming out with a new venture with a new business partner this year and we need your input. We want to know what you’re up to in the world. We want to know about your unique gifts, what you’re bringing forward and what you won’t be silent about. We want to know what is keeping you from your true purpose, what frustrations you are experiencing, and what kind of help you really need. Most of all we want to hear about your vision of the future we can all create together.

Will you help me by taking my survey? We’ll help you gain clarity in return!

We have compiled some probing questions that will be valuable as we create our upcoming venture. In exchange for answering, we’d like to offer you an, “All of Me Business Breakthrough Session” with either my partner (who is a 7-figure spiritual business and sales coach) or me (The Brand Channeller) by answering these questions from the heart.

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