This is a showcase of the latest website designs created for Magical Marketing clients. Each site was created using a highly intuitive, collaborative process that allows me to discover the core essence of the client’s soul purpose and express that through a unique design aesthetic that will attract their perfect customers. I imbue the sites with the power of the Law of Attraction by ensuring the visuals and content are authentic and inspire the desired actions on the site. I hope you enjoy this New Magical Marketing Website Design Showcase.

Suzanne Falter’s Spiritual Diet


Suzanne Falter (formerly Falter-Barns) is a well known self-help author and spiritual marketing guru. When she was ready to create an umbrella brand and website that will forward her true life’s purpose in the world, she came to me and together we created The Spiritual Diet. The Spiritual Diet is not about losing weight, it’s about adding back in to our daily lives the key elements of Love, Joy and Spiritual Uplift. Inspired by the passing of her daughter, Teal, at age 21 of an unexplained heart attack. Suzanne’s blog is a poignant, authentic journey from grief to joy.


Jeanne Kouhestani’s Inward Woman


Jeanne Kouhestani has a passion to discover new and different resources for women hungering to explore the inner world of soul. Her brand had to express the creative, adventurous nature of women on an “inward journey” to discover their true calling and live fuller lives. I drew her logo by hand and allowed it to adorn the site as the banner. Inward Woman is a free resource… a cornucopia of resources for the hungering spirit! Enjoy and be sure to join the community to connect!


Meardis Wells’ The Career Mystic


I wrote a blog post recently about Meardis’ adventure from “Boring Brand” to “Career Mystic!” It was a lovely adventure to help Meardis clarify her brand message and then express that through a powerful and compelling design that truly captures her essence and attracts her perfect customers. I hope you enjoy the mystical website and be sure to register to receive your life numbers! 


Eleonor Klopsch’s EWK Private Wealth


Before we began on Eleonor’s Umbrella Brand, she needed a site to take care of the customers who have trusted her for their financial planning for years. We needed to create a site for her customers to access their account information safely and get caught up on any financial news. The site includes several custom designed  and programmed pages to offer the experience of luxury and safety.


Mz. Ronni’s Discover Your Soul Career


Ronni Chapman first hired me to help her clarify her brand message. She had been using Free Day Strategies that was not at all clear nor a reflection of her true purpose. Using the Branding from the Heart method I designed to discover soulful names, we came up with Soul Career and were stunned to discover that nobody yet was using it! She knew once we had the brand that I would be the one to create the site and help her develop her wildly attractive marketing funnel. You can see the results here:

I hope you have enjoyed this New Magical Marketing Website Design Showcase. Your comments below will be greatly appreciated by these ladies who are bravely bringing their vision to the world in a new, bold way!

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