thinking-about-you-1920x1080I know you’re isolated because like attracts like and one of my biggest challenges is coming out of isolation. I have a lovely home on two country acres in a town of less than 8,000 people, and it’s easy to just stay in, communing with nature, my husband and two dogs, and my online peeps… making my trip to Whole Foods my big social excursion for the day.

And this can go on week in and week out. I become consumed by tasks for my business, tasks for my clients, tasks for my home, tasks for my little family. It’s easier to just have folks come to me through the Internet and not have to get out of my comfort zone to meet new people in person.

I get stuck in my space, convincing myself it’s not worth the effort to get dressed, put on makeup, get in the car and go out to events.

Kathryn dragging me out to be with the people.

Kathryn dragging me out to be with the people.

A few years ago I was dragged to a three-day event by a client of mine, and I was so grateful once I got there. Being with about a hundred very cool entrepreneurial women, I was in my element. I remembered what it was like to be with people, look into their eyes, receive smiles and hugs, and to express myself with them. My inner leader started coming out. She wanted more of this.

So I joined their year-long program that included monthly live events, and I had every intention to attend those events. But what did I do? I skipped the first event, then the second, and then the third.  In that year I wound up only going to three out of twelve events. What a waste.

When I went to the final event of the year, I was re-inspired by the group, so I rejoined promising to come every month. That year I did come, I did transform, my inner leader blossomed, and my business grew exponentially.

isolated womanSo here’s what I learned, being in isolation is bad for business.

We may convince ourselves that we can just be at home doing our work, going online, hosting webinars and everything will turn out fine. But meanwhile we’re drifting further and further away from one key element to fulfillment and success, real live human contact.

I have to say it my friends, you cannot do a successful business just staying at home, hanging out by yourself. And if you think about it, even the biggest teachers and internet guru types make a big effort to be with their peeps in person and connect with potential clients and partners out in the ‘real world.’

So take this as a message from your higher self: Go out and find your in-person tribe and do what you can to make real-life connections.

What are you doing for Halloween?

pumpkinduo_xlThis is one key reason I started hosting live events this year. I’ve already hosted  three events  this year and my next one is coming up at the end  of the month. It’s called Magical Marketing Live and we’re convening the mystics, change-makers, shamans, intuitives, artists, healers, witches, angels, and playful leaders for three days near the Valley of the Moon. I am creating a transformational experience where you make deep connections within yourself and with others to discover your Soul Tribe and create your World Changing Message.

I hosted Magical Marketing Live for the first time this May to a sold-out crowd and received rave reviews from participants who were transformed by the event.

MM-Live-Banner-WEB-TALLWe only have eight spots left for our Halloween event and would love to invite you to join us. Visit my site to learn more and save $100 with the early bird special:

Here are some of those rave reviews:

UmaGirish“It’s been great connecting with other like-minded heart-centered entrepreneurs here at Magical Marketing Live. We’ve talked about our business, goals and our Soul’s desire to serve the world in incredible ways. It’s been amazing to connect with other women who think the same way as I do. We have enriched each other through conversations, connections and ideas about how to take our messages to the world. We are ready to step into our possibility. Julia Stege is an amazing authentic leader is taking us to bigger and greater heights.”

Uma Girish
Grief Guide, DreAm Coach and Author

Ready? Register:

rachel“I’m blown away at the authenticity, clarity, energy and brilliance I’ve received at Magical Marketing Live. I’ve had so many amazing insights, and I’m really clear about my next steps. I feel very supported enthusiastic and passionate about where this is taking me. I am grateful for Julia who is her authentic self, a leader and revolutionary and that’s what speaks to my heart and the hearts of those I’m working with. She’s absolutely brilliant so if you’re looking for something to revolutionize your business, do yourself a favor and come to Magical Marketing Live.”

Rachel Flower
The Wild Mystic

Harriet-purplescarf-bigsmile“Not only have I connected with women from all over the country who have spiritual and artistic gifts who are here to transform the world, Magical Marketing Live was an opportunity for Julia to step more fully into her power and be an example for how we can more fully step into our power. She shows us ways to use websites, brand messaging and marketing to speak our authentic truth, and she gives us permission to be who we really are in our marketing so we’re all empowered, transformed and liberated. Thank you Julia and Magical Marketing Live!”

Harriet Tubman Wright
The Wright Resort

julia and laurie story“I want to speak to the Magical Marketer Julia herself. Her power is amazing because she ignites in us our own heart voice. Without that voice we can’t be who we came to be in the world. She is a little bit mystical and a lot of fun, yet grounded and wise. Just meeting her and coming in to this weekend has been life changing for me and everyone here. We all need to be seen, we all need to be heard and we all need to be gotten. Julia really gets me and that’s not common in my life. I’m extremely grateful.”

Laurie Story Vela
Creative Spirit Families

the lovejoys“We’re absolutely amazed to participate in Magical Marketing Live with Julia who is helping us bring our essence forward so we can serve the world. It fits like kid gloves for us. The word ‘magical’creates a vibration that allows us to do what we’ve always wanted to do, allowing us permission to be who we really are. It’s very freeing. Thank you so much!”

Trisha and Richard Lovejoy
A New Leaf Company, llc

Please come out of isolation and join us at Magical Marketing Live. Can’t wait to see you IN PERSON!