The year is drawing to a close and this is always my favorite time to start planning for the new year. But I don’t want to do the usual thing everyone else does like create a new business plan or marketing wheel.

I want to do something magical
that will shift my point of attraction so that I move forward with velocity on my Soul’s Chosen Path.

As I consider what I want to happen in 2013, I know the best tool I have to focus my intention and shift my point of attraction is the Attraction Plan.

Most of you have created an Attraction Plan at one time or another since we first connected. If you downloaded my Magical Marketing Toolkit, you got a worksheet for the Attraction Plan and perhaps you filled it out one time. If you worked with me, you probably focused on your plan for some time, but perhaps you have forgotten about it. Maybe you noticed it has become less easy to attract your perfect customers as a result.

The thing is about the Law of Attraction is that we get what we focus on whether we want it or not. The Attraction Plan helps us focus on the details of who and what we are attracting now. But it only works when we use it regularly. Otherwise when we change, our point of attraction doesn’t change and we keep attracting the same-old-same-old.

Since I began using the Attraction Plan I have not only attracted more and more of the right customers who really get me and want my gifts, I have more than doubled my income. This is surely remarkable in these challenging economic times. That is the magic of the Attraction Plan. It helps us to change our point of attraction so that no matter what is going on for other people, you attract what you are positively focused upon.

That’s why I have created a program called
Client Attraction Breakthrough:
How to Attract Clients Fast in Any Economy

This is a 40 day program designed to help you develop the habit of attraction-based thinking so that in 2013 you have your best year yet. Not only ‘best’ in the sense of making money (though that would be great) but ‘best’ in the sense of attracting those people who are a perfect match to bring you forward on your Soul’s chosen journey.

Once you register in this program, you immediately receive a 5-part Virtual Training by audio to help you create and master the Attraction Plan. You also begin receiving 40 Days of Tips by email. These emails are short and sweet, designed simply to help you understand and use the Attraction Plan powerfully in your day to day life.

Then on December 11th we will gather in a 2-hour Client Attraction Breakthrough Virtual Bootcamp. During this live, interactive webinar we will create an Attraction Plan for us and for the world. After all, if you’re like me, attracting a great life for yourself alone is not good enough. You want to attract a great life for yourself and everyone on the planet.

During the live event I will leave plenty of time for your ideas, suggestions and questions. My intention for the event is not only to pass on some great information to you on how to attract your perfect customers, but also to develop our attraction community to support each other ongoingly.

Finally, everyone who registers will also gain membership into my Magical Marketing Inner Circle which includes monthly live Q&A webinars, a private online community on Facebook, plus discounts and special offers.

Normally this program is offered on my site without the live event for $333 and it’s provided great value to my clients in the past. (See the great testimonials on the registration page). I’m offering it to you at the special discounted price of only $147 until Midnight, December 10 (the day before the live bootcamp).

If you haven’t yet attracted all the perfect customers you desire, I invite you to join us in Client Attraction Breakthrough and brace yourself for all the magic coming your way.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are already a member of the Magical Marketing Inner Circle, you are already registered in this program and do not have to pay extra to attend the bootcamp. Just reply to this blog post and I will send you the link to participate.