Have you been feeling the urge to get your message out to a larger audience, yet feeling resistance to using computers and the Internet to create your online stage?  Recently while travelling I met a woman who is in this same predicament.  She has a successful healing practice in Europe and when I asked her what her big dream is, she said to teach to a wider audience and to be able to travel the world and not be chained to her office.

When I told her that I’m an internet marketing specialist who trains leaders how to do webinars she smiled, looked up at the sky and said,
“I didn’t ask for this!”

But of course she had!  And so have you! That’s why you were drawn to read this article in the first place. You have an important message to get out to the world.  You were born to provide your own unique perspective on the issues facing us and our planet today. And the Internet provides the perfect stage for you, if you would only use it!


I know, it’s alienating to most sensitive folks who haven’t yet found a way to happily integrate technology into their lives. I’m here to make the transition easier.  It’s part of the reason that synchronicity led me to become one of the first designers to use desktop publishing and then the Internet. I’ve been doing it a long time and I have used these tools to create a successful online stage for my creativity and my life purpose, and I’ve helped my clients to do the same.

So how do you do build your online stage?

There are a few key elements to your successful online stage, one that will help you unleash your unique voice, attract your tribe, improve your sales (without being salesy of course) and change the world. Here are the main elements you will want to create:

MP_Theme_croppedA WILDLY ATTRACTIVE WEBSITE is your home base online. This is where you lead folks to via your other online activities, and this is where you will inspire them to connect with you long term via your Blog, your Irresistible Free Offer and your Opt In Box. When folks visit your site, you want it to represent you in a resonant way. You want it to feel and sound like you do in person, and you want it to inspire your people to opt-in for the results you offer.

If you feel your website is not a good representation of you or your work, then it’s time for an upgrade. Hiding your website in shame will cost you thousands in missed revenue, and the longer you keep it that way, those thousands will turn into tens of thousands, or more. Your website is the most important investment you can make in your business. If you know it’s time for an upgrade, you can apply for a Magical Strategy Session with me to start planning your next steps.

dreamstime_xs_5306299FREE WEBINARS provide a global stage for you to share your message, your gifts, your tips and strategies designed to help your perfect peeps move forward on their path.  You have a specific offering, a particular gift that will attract those people who are a perfect match to you.

Offering webinars allows you to present your work in an international interactive container with multi-media capabilities.  You can share all kinds of pictures, slides, imagery, charts, photos, even live video if you want.  Any kind of visual and/or auditory presentation can be displayed to your live audience, and recorded for download or replay later. And free webinars allow your peeps to experience your work in a semi-anonymous way, and if they are so inspired, they can connect with you to feel into whether you are a match for what they need. I love free webinars and use them monthly to serve my tribe and make new, valuable connections.

If you want to learn more about how to use free webinars, please come to my free webinar “Rebel Marketing for Wild Women and Enchanted Men: How to Create Free Webinars that Attract Your Tribe and Improve Your Sales without being Salesy” this month. Learn more and register here: http://magical-marketing.com///rebel-marketing-for-wild-women-free-webinar/

FacebookProfileTHE FACEBOOK PROFILE is still the most powerful tool you have for attracting a large audience of simpatico peeps.  First you want to connect with everyone you know in real life, especially folks you have connected with at networking events. Then you can search for groups that are aligned with your your mission and discover your tribe there. You can connect with up to 5,000 people (and even when you’ve reached your max, folks can subscribe to your feed). You can message every one directly (even famous people are often available this way),  you can share any kind of media (pictures, videos, audios, links, blogs, websites…) with your people.

Take it from someone who took 15 years to build an e-list of 4,000 – and in only 1 year topped out my Facebook at 5,000 – Facebook can be built fast!   And all it takes is a bit of time each day to connect with people you relate to. Now that my network is full I weed out folks who turned out to not be a match so I can continue to connect directly with folks I like via facebook.

If you want to connect with me there, send me a friend request http://facebook.com/julia.stege and then message me that you read this article and want to connect. I’d be happy to add you to my tribe. You can also follow my business page at http://facebook.com/magicalmarketing.