witch-285x300The bitter truth is that when you own a business, you need to sell.  If you don’t sell, your business won’t succeed. It’s a fact of capitalism and how our economy works.

Most conscious entrepreneurs I know just hate this fact of business. They wish that a steady stream of customers would just magically show up with cash so they can do what they do best, serve the customer. Unfortunately, this is just not a reality for most of us.

We have to promote our businesses and have sales conversations. When we go out to get advice about how to do this, we are often told to use strategies that include manipulation, like hype, exaggeration of benefits, pressure, fear tactics, and a bit of brainwashing thrown in for good measure.

If you’re a conscious entrepreneur, these suggestions go against the purpose of your business which is to uplift people and the world.

It seems that these sales trainers (even the ones who tout ‘hype-free sales strategies’) are asking you to sell your soul… in a bad way.

I, for one, am not willing to lie or manipulate my customers into buying by scaring them into thinking their business will fail if they don’t work with me right now!

But what if you could “Sell Your Soul” 
in a good way?

If your business is your heart-offering and you are living your soul’s purpose through your work, then when you share your soul in your marketing, your ideal customers will be intuitively drawn to you and inclined to buy whatever you are offering. The reason is not because you have manipulated them, it’s because they are on the same path as you are in life, and “like attracts like.” Their intuition has told them you are the one who can help them because you will understand them better than anyone else. They want what you have and they’re happy to pay for it.

You are “Selling Your Soul’s Purpose” to put it more accurately. And you are sharing about that authentically in your marketing and sales conversations.

I understand this is a delicate process, especially because of all the “hype” momentum that exists out in the marketing world. When you share your purpose in your marketing, it puts you in a vulnerable position if you’re not used to being so authentic in your profession. The thing is, your vulnerable self is what is most attractive about you.

There’s something smarmy about a person who always shows up sunny, upbeat and in-the-know, who has apparently never had a problem in their life. If your business is to help people, they have to trust that you will understand them and accept them as they are in addition to being able to help them. The way to gain their trust is to be authentic and real in your marketing, share about the struggles you’ve come through and are going through, and the reasons you have done it. Your reasons are always to fulfill your life’s purpose, so share that!

What will you do this week to share your life’s purpose through your marketing? Will you write a new blog post, article or ezine that share’s your passion? Will you post on social media about the direction you’re going in your life? Will you start writing that book you’ve been putting off? Please post in the comments below. I’d love to hear how you are living your purpose.

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