Brand and Logo Design for Forgiveness to Freedom by Julia Stege of Magical Marketing

Brand and Logo Design for Forgiveness to Freedom by Julia Stege of Magical Marketing

Every day I speak with conscious business owners like yourself with a big mission to share through their marketing. One of the biggest challenges we have is clarifying the message through words and then creating a visual aesthetic that supports that message and resonates with them and their perfect customers. I spend hours consulting with my clients before design even begins, and then a collaborative process follows that ensures the result is wildly attractive to my clients and their perfect customers (and I like them too ; )

Designs created for spiritual businesses and customers really requires a different sensitivity from traditional marketing. Essentially, spiritual business designs must have a feeling to them that matches the result the business is aiming for. You simply cannot use hypey, loud, bang you over the head marketing with this demographic.

In this post I’m sharing both recent designs and those from my archives that I feel express a universal message of love, beauty, magic and transformation. I hope you enjoy them. If you are inspired by any of these designs please share in the comment field below.


Maritza Rodriguez-Arseneau: Forgiveness to Freedom
Soul Symbol Logo and Website Design

Maritza has a strong purpose to assist thoses who are tired of being bound by pain and are ready to release it in a gentle, non-judgmental manner. Forgiveness to Freedom: Shining the Light for Transformation was the name and tagline we came to using the Branding from the Heart Process. Maritza’s “Tick Words” were Forgiveness, Freedom and Transformation. To create the graphic we discussed transformational symbols and came up with the butterfly with the light shining out to the world. I was so inspired by Maritza’s message. I hope you like her site. Live site can be seen at


Karolee Schloth: The Game of Earth
Branded Banner, Opt In and WordPress Website Design

Karolee is a powerful channel and trains light-workers how to become masterful creators in “The Game of Earth.” We collaborated easily to create the branded banner design including the Ascended Masters watching over the earth from Heaven, and a custom opt in design including the Peace Dove in action. The effect is designed to inspire would-be light-workers to remember their purpose to become master creators and to  interact with her through the “Keys to Ascention” free offer (which I find totally irresistible!). Site lauching this Fall.


Kathryn Eriksen: Miracle Living
Branded Banner, Opt In and WordPress Website Design

Kathy's site before.

Kathy’s site before.

When Kathy first came to me for her new brand Miracle Living, her challenge was creating a consistent visual aesthetic and website that unites all she does under one umbrella. Her old site (See thumbnail to left) contained elements that she liked but they didn’t work together cohesively. We collaborated to create a new color scheme, choose new symbology in the woman on the mountain with the scarf and stars flowing through, create a branded banner design (see below) plus a new site theme design and programmed WordPress Website. She also received a matching book cover design for free by acting quickly after her Magical Strategy Session with me. Visit live site at



Julia von Flotow: Kaizen Leadership Institute
Branded Banner, Opt In and WordPress Website Design


Kaizen Website Before

Julia von Flotow has a unique style of training and coaching authentic, mindful leaders. Her purpose is so important for the future of our world, I wanted to ensure the banner design we created for her website depicts the uniqueness of her method. We chose a photo Julia took of a place she meditates regularly and superimposed the meditating figure with 3 key elements inside: The Earth, the Flaming Heart with Wings and the Sacred Geometry Star. These symbols represent the grounding of purpose (for the Earth), the approach of the leader (from the Heart) and the wisdom of their leadership (star mind.) The opt in includes the beautiful spiral shell, another symbol for sacred geometry. This site will go live this fall.


Sherry Berman: Switch CareersSoul Symbol Logo and Online Oasis Website Design

Sherry is a Career Counsultant with a twist: She’s into transformation. She works with job-seekers to go deep within and become empowered to attract their ideal career position. This is an “oldie but goodie” that I just got from the Graphic Girlz archives.  She and I collaborated on the logo design, using the swan and leaf combined to represent natural transformation. The Home Page for her Online Oasis features great women whom Sherry admires… women who dared to dream. The resulting website is beautiful and inspiring while being a reflection of Sherry’s soul purpose. See the live site at


Janice Savage, The Guided Gypsy
Empowering Your Inner Magic

Working with Janice to create her magical banner and theme design was a HOOT, literally. We both laughed out loud when we found the perfect magical companion for Janice as she flies toward the magical realms and north star. The owl is just so cute and funny, as funny and cute as Janice herself. I simply love her cape and animal print leggings. Janice calls on all of us to use our magical talents and come with her on a guided journey. Site will be launching this Fall.


Ann Davidman: Soul Symbol and WordPress Website for Motherhood is it for Me?

Recently Ann came to me to get her original html site that I designed several years ago converted to WordPress. We have changed the design slightly for the new format and made it more interactive and accessible to her perfect customers. We orignally collaborated on the logo and website design to inspire the feeling of reflection. The idea is to inspire those women considering motherhood to receive help in the decision making process so they are empowered by their decision. I love Ann’s brand .. I believe she is a genius, and was honored to work with her again on this project. See the live site at



I hope you have enjoyed this edition of our Spiritual Design Showcase. If you are seeking a Wildly Attractive Website to attract your perfect customers, you are invited to connect with Julia via the Magical Strategy Session application. She will meet with you to discuss your needs and offer a proposal so you can start attracting your perfect customers online. Visit