We have recently launched several new sites for our spiritually inspired clients, and we wanted to show them off while sending traffic to their new sites. Please visit the sites below and let me know how you like them!

And if you want one of your own, apply for a Magical Website Analysis and we’ll take a peek at your site together so I can help you determine your next steps to having an authentic brand that truly represents your soul.



Archanaa Shyam: Mystical Medical Intuitive

Archanaa is a talented Mystical Medical Intuitive who can help you spark your own self-healing naturally. She is particularly talented at helping those with mysterious ailments. We wanted to ensure her brand and website truly reflected her uniqueness and the essence of her soul. This is what Archanaa said about the process of bringing her authentic brand and website to life.

“Julia has the uncanny ability to translate your purpose into magical visuals by harmoniously combining different elements and selecting all the right components that somehow beautifully blend in. It all started with almost a 100 images (yes, no mistake on the zeros) on a Pinterest board and she so quickly figured out which ones were my top favorites that would make that essential contribution to my messaging. Julia knows to pick that one fish from the ocean and that makes all the difference! Even the colors she chose have deep meaning to me. The resulting brand, copy and website are authentically reflective of my essence and my unique gifts. I can be proud to show my marketing to everyone now and know they will get how I can help them, even though my offering is unique. Thanks for my beautiful site, Julia!”
~ Archanaa Shyam, www.mysticalmedicalintuitive.com


Caroline Morrison: Soul Arts Wellness Studio

Caroline is a dedicated multi-dimensional energy practitioner who’s purpose is to assist her tribe through the alchemy of sound, color and unlimited thought. She wanted to show the multi-dimensional side of her without appearing too ‘out there’ which is really not her personality. We were able to collaboratively develop this beautiful aesthetic and message that will attract those seeking her unique gifts. Caroline was a star client, coming to our optional weekly group calls every week to get all the support that was available to her, and the results show! Here’s what Caroline says about the process.

“When I heard Julia speak on a webinar, I knew that she was the person I was suppose to work with to create a completely new website;  a website that would finally reflect me.  Julia indicated that her perfect clients were currently HIDDEN, their work was CUTTING EDGE, and they had a FEAR OF EXPOSURE.  Those words resonated with me.  I knew this was me and what I needed to address.  Finally, someone who understood me and who was able to help me get my message out and to transform my fears during the process!! I honestly never expected to find someone who could do all that, and more!!! A transformation it was!  The entire beginning of the process, scheduled talks with Julia and several videos, allowed me to clarify my message and clarify the clients I want to attract to my practice. I was able to let go of the fear and vulnerability I was feeling.  Even  before the site was launched my client base has increased!  I’m so grateful that I found Julia.  Do yourself a favor and work with Julia! ”
~ Caroline Morrison www.Caroline-Morrison.com



Ariela Sarai: Power of Avatar

Ariela helps people transform their lives quickly and permanently through the Power of Avatar training. She wanted to distinguish herself from other Avatar trainers so her Soul Tribe would recognize her. We tried a number of options that just weren’t quite it, but Ariela was willing to collaborate to ensure the final product is what she truly wanted, what resonated with her soul. And we did it, together. Ariela is a pleasure to work with and I’m honored to have helped her to get her powerful message out to more people. Here’s what she said about the process.

“Julia helped me create a website that reflects exactly what I wanted to convey. The whole process was a powerful unfolding of how I want to express myself, what I offer, and who I am looking to connect with. She was very empowering and at the same time offered expert advice and direction. The end result is that my site keeps getting shared, people are writing to say how much it inspires them, and less than a week later I am already generating new students from it!”
~ Ariela Sarai ~ www.powerofavatar.com




Vetri and Mari: Experience the Magic of Your Soul

Vetri and Mari have dedicated their lives to helping people “Experience the Magic of Your Soul” and thrive rather than just surviving. They had worked with other marketers before, but none who really GOT their essence and encouraged them to follow their dreams. I loved working with Vetri and Mari as they are beautiful both inside and outside, and of course because they’re in to MAGIC! The photos they had taken of themselves were stunning and helped to create a vibrant and cohesive brand statement throughout their website and marketing. The addition of the magical elements like the hummingbird, the sun, the mountain, the flowers and unicorn, those came through the brand channeling procecess resulting in a design that truly represents their soul. Here’s what Vetri and Mari said about the process.

“Julia Helped Us to Express Who We Are Authentically! Julia and her team did an amazing job on our new magical website. We are very happy and thankful that she was able to convey our message and passion, “Experience the Magic of Your Soul” through our website. Julia was very creative and artistic in putting together our banner and logo. Vetri wanted to represent the higher dimensions of light through Unicorn and Mari wanted to represent Joy and Beauty through Hummingbird. Julia was able to comprehend what we wanted to express and she was very resourceful in getting beautiful pictures for our website. She also helped enormously with our authentic message and copywriting for the site. We highly recommend her graphic design and website services. Thank you Julia and her Magical Marketing Team!”
~ Vetri and Mari www.vetriandmari.com



Denise Toffey: Soul Energy Expression

Denise was born to help spiritual women to express their purpose. She is an experienced coach who will walk you through creating a clear, customized plan reflective of your Soul Energy Expression that is quick, simple and easy to implement, so that you can attract a steady stream of ideal clients. Her original website was just not a great reflection of her genius, and after being on my list for several years, she knew that I could help her now that the time was right. Working with Denise was a total pleasure as we are divinely aligned and have a lot of fun together.

“Working with Julia to create my Grown up Website was absolutely “Magical.” For the longest time I’ve been getting by with a website I created myself, and it made me seem unprofessional. I didn’t shine through. Julia’s Magical process took me on a journey to discover who I am, with Julia intuitively guiding me every step of the way. In the resulting brand and website, Julia was able to capture who I am as a woman, as an entrepreneur and also as a spiritual being. I really shine through the beauty of SoulEnergyExpression.Com.  I can’t wait to attract my new tribe from the site! Thank you so much Julia.”
~ Denise Toffey, www.soulenergyexpression.com