I’m excited to showcase some new designs I’ve created for my spiritually inspired, authentic, conscious entrepreneur clients! These folks went through a very deep branding process where their soul was revealed, their message clarified, their free offer was created, and their essence was revealed through the design. I hope you enjoy them.

I’m guessing that some of you will, once you take a look at these designs, will be wanting an authentic, resonant, creatively designed website of your own. I have opened 6 spots in my calendar this August for those of you who are ready to get started and want to launch your site either late Fall or early Winter.  Now is the time to talk with me. To get into my schedule, please use the form on my site at http://www.magicalstrategysession.com

 Gracing with Lydia

Lydia Gracing has a passion to uplift, inspire and heal your heart. She begins the process by helping you connect with your angels through a guided meditation. I love how the cloud behind her in the banner looks like an angel wing. Lydia is a true angel, and her new site will welcome her Soul Tribe from around the world. Lydia’s site will be launched shortly! Congratulations Lydia!



Ros Ferguson Clarity Consultant

Using her passion for clarity and harmony, Ros Ferguson helps women who aren’t being appreciated at work to empower themselves from the heart. To express the warmth of her approach along with her creative style, we used earthy, illustrative imagery with warm colors. We chose a “Harmony Meditation” as the free offer because Ros has such a lovely voice that can sooth the tired heart. Ros will be launching her site this Fall. Stay tuned!



Living Your Soul’s Journey with Dr. Vikke

Vikke Ford has seen the worst side of relationships both in her professional life as a family attorney, and in her personal life in partnerships with manipulative, lying con-artist-type men, over and over again. What she discovered is that so many powerful women let it all go when they find a man. She calls this the Cinderella Complex and she’s creating a community of women who are empowered to live their Soul’s Journey. This site will be going live soon. Stay tuned!



Robbins’ Cosmic Nest with Lorelei Robbins Your Dream Accelerator

Lorelei Robbins is more than just a great astrologer (which she is) she is a Dream Accelerator. When we got together to create her new brand, Robbins’ Cosmic Nest came through as an homage to Lorelei’s father who had run a radio show called Robbins’ Nest when she was a little girl. Now Lorelei will be doing radio of her own to help you accelerate your dreams in divine timing! Lorelei’s site is live at http://www.robbinscosmicnest.com


Earthy Woman with Susan Brown

I love this new website I designed for Susan Brown and the new brand we created: Eathy Woman. She is helping conscious women get back to nature and reclaim their life in the process. I love her free offer: Earthy Woman Self-Healing Tools. She offers so many great ideas that reconnect us to the Earth. I suggest you go check her live site at http://www.earthy-woman.com


Vibrant Living Alchemy with Jean Kathryn Carlson

Jean Kathryn is helping women wake up and let their dreams speak! Through our collaboration we created this design combining an etherial tree with a spiral light emanating from it, all on a turquoise galaxy background. Her free offer graphic is designed to match and draw the eye and offer folks some practical guidance on how to start their Dream Play. This theme is in the design stage so the copy is not real. I can’t wait to see how the whole thing comes together when we program the site next month.


Feng Shui Love Your Space with Carmel Malone

Carmel is a genius with space and color. That’s what makes her such a good artist AND a talented Feng Shui Consultant. We wanted to bring out her artistic flair with this custom designed watercolor theme. Carmel is starting a new “Clutter Club” to assist folks to overcome their clutter issues ongoingly with the support of a group. Carmel will be launching soon so stay tuned!



Seeking Help with Your Website?

I can help you attract your Soul Tribe from around the globe with your Authentic Brand and your Wildly Attractive Website. To get started we will connect to explore the best next steps for you in a Magical Strategy Session. To get into my calendar, please fill out the form here: http://www.magicalstrategysession.com. That will help me understand your needs better before we talk.