I have no idea what “Black Friday” is supposed to mean but I remember from back in the 60s when I was a kid that “Black is Beautiful.” So Black Friday must be good, possibly the best day of the year, especially if it means you can save money on something you know you need.

That’s why I’m having a Black-is-Beautiful-Friday-Sale now through Midnight Saturday 11/30.

This sale is for you if you have been struggling at all with your brand, like 
  • Having no clue how to describe what you do in a way that attracts perfect customers
  • Fretting over what your ‘niche’ is or why you even want one
  • Worrying over what free offer will inspire folks to interact with you
  • Wracking your brain over what ‘keywords’ you should use for folks on Google to find you
If you have been waiting for a sign that it’s time to finally get help clarifying your brand, then here it is.
I have a great sale on both my Branding from the Heart Virtual Intensive (Get one hour of consulting with me free! Value $350) and the  Branding Breakthrough Consulting Package (Get $1,400 worth of Consulting plus the Branding Virtual Intensive for only $997!).


Stuck and unsure about what to say to whom to fulfill your purpose through your business?


“My DVD Sales Increased by 600%”
Michelle Peticolas

“When I signed on forBranding from the Heart, I thought I was going to learn about the secrets of marketing. I didn’t realize I would also be discovering secrets about myself. What a journey! It’s been such a paradigm shift for me. After incorporating more honesty about my passion into my website, my blogs and even into more traditional marketing strategies like promotional letters to a mailing list or cold call email inquiries, I sold more DVDs in one month than I did in the last three years combined. It’s a 600% increase! I’m also getting more interest in my film screening presentations with less effort. Thanks to Julia and our great Attraction Community.”
Michelle Peticolas,  http://www.secretsoflifeanddeath.com

Now is the time to get started if you want your NEW BRAND ready to be expressed in January.


If you are unsure of what you need but know you want to move your branding and marketing forward, you can apply for aMagical Strategy Session and we’ll take a look together at the best ways WE can help you.
“Your Presentation was BRILLIANT!” 
It’s not every day I get called “Brilliant!” with an exclamation point but that’s what happened after the presentation of my new webinar last week called 5 Steps to Confidently Attract Your Soul Tribe Online”  If you missed it, you can check out the video replay HERE ~ and you don’t have to opt in.

There is a part in the presentation where I shared exactly how to structure your offerings so that your customers have clear choices and can make easy decisions about what to purchase.


Here’s what Harriet Tubman Wright, a client for the past 12 years, said about this new content:

“I really liked the part where you showed how each initial program fits inside the next – how brilliant! Did this “happen” or was it planned? In any case, its quite brilliant and definitely my take-away from today’s session!” ~ Harriet

If you have ever thought your offerings were a jumbled or confused mess, or if you don’t even know how to choose what to offer, then you should Check out the video replay here


SoulPortrait1Go forth and attract!Love


PS: I only rarely offer a sale on my main program. I’m doing it now because Black IS Beautiful Friday is here and I want to help you. Get in on the great offer at:    http://www.brandingfromtheheart.com