To be honest, I know quite a few millionaires who have done very well using marketing that is quite ugly.  I never understood this for years, why would a millionaire not invest in good design? Obviously they can afford it.

Now that I understand the Character Codes * and the differing core needs of the various types, I realize these folks, these millionaires with ugly brands, just don’t care about beauty.

They need certainty, not a deep spiritual connection…
They want to make a sale, not attract a thousand soul mates on the path to fulfillment.
They want to get the job done, not express their soul purpose in a way that resonates with their tribe.

And so for them, plain white sales pages with red headlines, a video and an opt in box with big red arrows pointing at it is what gets the job done.

Now in our case we ARE seeking to attract a thousand soul mates on the path to fulfillment and we DO want to express our purpose through our marketing. So we’d best not be copying those folks who don’t care a whip about what we care about.

One thing we can do is be conscious of how
incorporating beauty into our marketing will help us
make deep connections with our Soul Tribe.

Ever since the dawn of time, humans have expressed their spiritual connection through art. From cave paintings to the Sistine Chapel, we have used art to enhance our Spiritual pursuits. That is because art provides us with a connection that supersedes words. Our ability to create beauty brings us closer to godliness, and beholding great works of creativity reminds us of our godliness.

My Soul Purpose is to express the beauty and magic of creation. When I behold the beauty of nature, I am awed and inspired to bring that experience to others. When I meet a beautiful person with an incredible purpose to share with the world, I am called to help that person express their beauty through their brand so that their tribe can recognize them and connect with their soul.

The Spiritual Significance of Beautiful Design

When your website is beautifully resonant, your site visitors have a visceral experience, and emotional response that brings them closer to a real connection with you. They intuitively feel your resonance and ‘get’ you before you even speak.

Here are some ways you can start integrating beauty into your brand:

1) Discover your aesthetic preferences. Remember what is attractive to you is attractive to your Soul Tribe because like attracts like. Start a aesthetic board like mine [ ] to get familiar what what is beautiful to you. This will help you begin to develop a visual expression for your brand.

2) Find stunning stock images to use in your marketing, especially in your social media posts and on your site home page and blog. I like using and searching words that reflect my passion, like Spiritual Beauty and Magical Landscape. Make choices that FEEL right to you, which is more important than logically matching the text. It’s all about RESONANCE and finding the aesthetic that matches your vibration. When you use images that resonate with you they will touch the heart of your tribe.

3) Invest in working with a good designer, one who gets you and gets your perfect customers core needs, and one who has a track record of producing designs that offer a beautiful and resonant experience for those beholding them. Usually this investment pays for itself in the first couple of clients you attract, and then you have beautiful marketing for the rest of your business life.

I once had a potential client pick up my post card, hold it to her heart and say, “This is me!” That was her sign that I was the one to create her brand. You will want to feel that way about your designer and what she has already created.

See some examples of brands I’ve created collaboratively with my Soul Tribe on my blog here:

If you know it’s time to integrate beauty into your brand and don’t know where to get started, I invite you to apply for a Magical Strategy Session [ ] with me to bring clarity to your marketing. During this session we will look at your Character Codes and current marketing to assess how well you are expressing your core values through your brand, and what suggestions I have for helping you improve the resonance of your marketing. I look forward to connecting with you.