Dear Caring Soul,

Today I am grateful for my freedom. Not only because it’s Thanksgiving and today across the USA folks are gathering to express their gratitude for all they have. Not only because I have always had the means and ability to live my life the way I choose, as an artist, a writer, and a revolutionary. But because so many people in this world do not have freedom, and I want to do everything I can to change that sad fact.

A few years ago I discovered that there are over 40 million people living in slavery today, more than were enslaved in 1860 before the end of the civil war. Most people I speak with aren’t aware of this. We frequently hear slavery discussed as if it’s a thing of the past, but that is so far from the truth.

There is an organization that I wholeheartedly support. It’s called Free the Slaves and they have as their mission to end slavery on this planet. They not only help people in bondage to escape, but help through education and community building to eradicate the conditions that lead to slavery. Slavery has been outlawed everywhere, but it has not been eliminated. Free the Slaves exists to help finish the work that earlier generations of abolitionists started.

Here’s how you can help end slavery, and give your business a boost at the same time!

As I mused over what I could do for Thanksgiving and Black Friday to serve my tribe and also change the world, I decided to come up with what I’m calling my Free the Slaves Gratitude Sale.

Here’s how it works. When you donate any amount to Free the Slaves using my form, you will receive I my program Client Attraction Breakthrough as my gratitude gift. Yes, make a donation of any amount to Free the Slaves on my special page and you will receive access to my program designed to help you attract perfect clients in any economy. The value of this program is $997 but you get to select what price you pay to receive magical tips that will help you become a perfect client magnet just by being yourself, and all of the money you donate goes straight to Free the Slaves (minus a small merchant fee my bank takes for the transaction). We recommend a donation of $35 or more but you may pay what you can.

Better yet, if you donate $100 or more to Free the Slaves, you will receive a Branding Breakthrough session with me valued at $750 to clarify any aspect of your brand, from niche, to message to irresistible freebie. This is how I can help you succeed as we both change the world.


During my magical immersion program, you will receive the guidance and encouragement you need to become a magnet to your true Soul Tribe.

With your donation of any amount to Free the Slaves you’ll receive:

  1. An Attraction Planning Playbook that provides simple steps to build your core for attraction
  2. Attraction Marketing Podcasts from Julia Stege, The Magical Marketer
  3. Module 1: The Attraction Planning Process ~ 4 simple steps that will transform your life
  4. Module 2: Branding from the Heart  ~ How to clarify and express your purpose to attract soul-aligned clients
  5. Module 3: Attracting a Fulfilling Business Life ~ Create the perfect business vision that fulfills your life purpose
  6. Module 4: Being Attractive Class ~ How to shift your being to attract what you desire
  7. Module 5: How to become a Social Media Magnet ~ Take your Attraction Plan online to authentically magnetize your audience from across the globe.
  8. Guided Meditation Audios designed specifically to help you stay in tune with your Attraction Plan and become an irresistible client-magnet.
  9. 40 Days of Daily Inspirational Notes that help you train your mind to imagine the positive outcomes you desire most, and empower you to use Social Networks strategically to allow clients and abundance to flow to you. Become a magical magnet for the divinely aligned clients you seek.

So as we fill our tummies with great food and surround ourselves with the people we love, i ask us to remember those who are not so lucky, those who from some heinous turn of fate wound up the property of another person. Those who have lost their freedom. Please give from the heart and I will give to you from mine.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Much Love,

Julia Stege
The Magical Marketer
(510) 30-MAGIC

PS: Right now there are men working deep in mines without access to food or water, in the cold darkness, for no pay. There are children fishing in freezing cold waters from dawn to dusk. There are girls and women forced into “marriages” against their will. Even here in the USA there are people forced to do labor without pay. With my Free the Slaves Gratitude Sale, you can help end slavery with your donation of any amount and in return gain access to Client Attraction Breakthrough: how to attract clients in fast in any economy. And with your donation of $100 or more receive a Branding Breakthrough session with me valued at $750. Thank you in advance for your generosity.