You have heard all about the importance of blogging by now. All the marketing experts now a-days say it’s the best way to attract attention online, and I agree. More and more business owners are using their blog as a way to boost their visibility, share information with their customers, improve their site ranking with search engines, and network online.

What I like to add to the mix is that when you’re blogging authentically on a regular basis, your perfect customers are more likely to find you, and they’re more likely to recognize you whe they find you. Your blog gives them access to what’s unique and compelling about you while improving your Google ranking significantly. Why My Site Ranking Shot Up This Year

In January I launched my new WordPress site and recently discovered it’s ranking twice as well as my html site that has been up since 1997. The main differences are that my new site is on the WordPress platform with an integrated blog that I update regularly. Google loves freshly updated sites, and since bloggers frequently update their sites, great site ranking is a key benefit to blogging.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform because of its ease of use and its ability to provide a robust website along with the blog. Two years ago I transitioned all my current website design clients to the WordPress platform because clients can update it themselves, the sites are easier to find online, and my advanced programmers can develop a WordPress site from any design I dream up. I  am able to create some rather stunning, highly interactive WordPress sites for my clients because of this.

I highly recommend that anyone with an HTML or other old platform site seriously consider moving their site to the WordPress platform and including an integrated blog.

Special Note: If you are considering this option but are unsure whether this move will help your online business, please feel free to apply for one of my complimentary Magical Strategy Session and Website Analysis Consultations. We’ll take some time together to review what you have, what results you are producing, what goals you have for your business, and I can give you a no-obligation recommendation.

There are other very important blogging platforms and sites I use regularly specifically to improve the Google ranking of my main WordPress site. The following sites have all gotten me to page one of Google, and using several of these tools even helps me dominate page one of Google for my Magical Keyword Phrases. I suggest you create keyword-rich one-page blogs on these sites and make sure to include links back to your main site on each page.

Blogger brags that you can be up and blogging in ten minutes with their program, and that’s true. This is why I chose Blogger as my main blogging tool for the first 4 years. As Google owns Blogger, your posts will rank well when you use this tool. And it’s completely free.

Squidoo is a site where you can share your expertise on a topic. Google puts AdWords on these pages so they rank really well. They’re easy to set up and you can put cool modules on them like YouTube videos, products for sale, pictures from Flickr, and the all important links to your main sites. You can see my squidoo lenses here.


Like Squidoo, HubPages is a social network site for folks who want to share their expertise in any area of life. Here’s the HubPage that got to page one of Google in only 22 minutes.

My suggestion is to post to these four blogging sites on a regular basis to exponentially expand the visibility of your message. But even creating one blogger post or Squidoo lens that links back to your website will help your site ranking. So what are you waiting for? Get off your bleeping butt and blog!

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