Successful Spiritual Website Designs TitleWant a successful spiritual website design for your business? Here are some case studies of successful spiritual website designs. Successful spiritual entrepreneurs have website designs that bring them visibility and clients. Does your brand and website bring you results like these?

Carrie’s spiritual website design doubled her practice within 2 months of launching!

Carrie Dinow Before website

Carrie Dinow Before

When Carrie first came to me she was a successful marriage and family therapist. But she felt the desire to bring more of her spiritual work to the fore. Her website at the time was very busy because she was trying to describe all the things she was doing rather than inspiring an interaction.

spiritual website design for Carrie Dinow

I created a new website design through a collaborative process. She wanted to includeg multiple banners that reflect Carrie’s spiritual approach to counseling. We also worked on clarifying her message so her purpose is clear when you visit the site.

Within two months of launching the new brand and website, Carrie doubled her practice! Clearly her clients love the new approach, and her new website continues to showcase what Carrie is all about. See her site at

Anne had 100 new opt ins and 7 new clients in the first month after her spiritual website design launched!

Anne Baker Before Website

Anne Baker Before

spiritual website design for Anne BakerAnne had a successful blog and nutrition business when we first met, but her website wasn’t reflecting her brilliance, professionalism or unique perspective. It was time to take her online business to the next level. So she came to me and Magical Marketing to get a new brand and website.

We collaborated to create a beautiful branded banner that shows what’s she’s about in a flash. Her website looks beautiful and displays Anne’s brilliance and expertise clearly. And even more importantly, it inspires the actions Anne wants her site visitors to take.

Anne’s new freebie funnel started working right away so she could grow her list of potential clients. Within the first month after launching, Anne had over 1000 new visitors, 100 new opt ins and she got 7 new clients! See her site at

Michelle increased sales by 600% and is more self expressed since her website went live!

Secrets of Life and Death Before Website

Michelle Peticolas Before

Spiritual Website Design for Secrets of Life and DeathMichelle had a DVD series on grieving that she was consistently selling to universities and libraries around the country, but she wanted to upgrade her brand. The first thing she did was the Branding from the Heart process. This helped her identify her true purpose and she began expressing that through her messaging. She changed the copy on her website to reflect her true passion and purpose and inspire action.

Right away she sold more in one month than the previous year… a full 600% increase.

Then we designed a new branded banner and website for her that reveals her true essence. It was a struggle at first to collaborate on the design because Michelle was afraid her university clients wouldn’t like her “trance dance” side which we displayed beautifully in the banner. What happened once we launched was people loved it. She says she is embodying herself more and more since launching! See her site at

Rich is no longer ashamed of his website!

Rich German Before Website

Rich German Before

spiritual website design for Rich GermanWhen Rich came to me he was becoming internationally known for being an ocean conservationist, so lots of people were visiting his website. But his site was old and very commercial, and didn’t reflect his passion and purpose at all.

So we collaborated on his website featuring his own photography from his paddle boarding excursions to the ocean. It beautifully represents his purpose and now Rich is proud for people to find his website online. You can view Rich’s site at

Want a successful website for your spiritual business?

The first step is to get together and discuss what you’re doing now to promote your business. We will explore your goals and dreams, and take a look at how well your current website and marketing are working for you. Then I can offer you a brief plan of action so you can express your essence and attract your true Soul Tribe online.

I’m having my Spring into Summer Sale right now where you can save up to $1,000.00 so if you are thinking of upgrading your brand and website, now’s the time to explore working together.

You can apply for your complimentary Magical Connection Session and Website Review by filling out my form HERE and I’ll reply with a link to get into my calendar.

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