Have you have ever attended a marketing seminar and heard about the importance of discovering your “niche” market? Did you then go about trying to figure out what your niche is and having a hard time about it? Maybe you feel you don’t even understand what a niche is?

niche (nch) n.
1.A cranny, hollow, or crevice, as in rock.
2.A very specific form of target marketing.

So a niche is either a tight space in a rock or a specific way to target an audience in marketing. Doesn’t that leave you feeling that if you chose your niche you would be stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Many of you who have attended my live webinars know that I am not keen on target marketing in the traditional sense. To me targeting people sounds like you want to shoot them. And in fact many traditional marketers do actually find some innocent people and shoot them all sorts of messages designed to brainwash them away from their intuition. A lot of marketers don’t care how they make their audience feel, I’ve noticed.

Standard niches would be something like a specific age, specific sex, specific locale or specific income bracket. But for folks who have a range of offerings that help a lot of different kind of people, this niche thing is just confusing and maybe even gets you angry. (If you’re like me a lot of what traditional marketers say makes you feel helpless and inadequate! That is their intention by the way!)

So for a number of years I’ve been avoiding this conversation about niche marketing. People would come to my classes saying “Do I have to find my niche in this class?” and I’d say NO because with my style of marketing we ATTRACT rather than TARGET. But now I have discovered the Ultimate Niche and this time you’re going to love it.

Ultimate Niche (uhl-tuh-mit nch) n.
1. Your favorite people
2. People who are on the same life path as you are

With my system Branding from the HeartTM, I have been teaching that sharing your purpose authentically will attract exactly the right people to you, people who are on the same path as you are. They are inextricably drawn to you, they love everything you do, and their inner voice is telling them to hire you! Remember “Like Attracts Like” and your most perfect customers are like you in the ways that are most important.

The only way your perfect peeps are going to find you and recognize you is if you share yourself truly authentically in your marketing. Then you will find yourself surrounded by folks who really ‘grok’ you deeply, and you also ‘grok’ them. You are in a unique position to help them go further on their path because you’ve been on that same path and have discovered ways to succeed. This is your tribe, your Ultimate Niche.

My Ultimate Niche are revolutionary pioneers, spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs out to change the world.
What’s your Ultimate Niche? Please share in the comments below.


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