Are you an artist? Why try to write if that’s not your forte? Create a art blog and share your artwork with the world.

Part 2 in a 3 Part Series on Blogging by Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer

I just learned that over 32% of the world’s population is now online according to the 2011 report from Internet World Stats. That’s a 10% spurt in the last 4 years alone.  The Internet houses a growing potential customer base we can’t really afford to ignore. With the availability of free blogs and social networks, everyday entrepreneurs can speak to a wider base, amplifying our message to a national or even international audience while capturing better placement on the search engines. Gone are the days when only the technically adept could contribute new content to sites on a regular basis and get to page one of Google.

Are You Asking, ‘What New Content?!?’

There’s the rub. Many of us have started a blog but only have one or two posts on it. We get to a point where we don’t know what to blog about. Here are some tips on creating blog content that helps you keep current customers interested, improve your search engine ranking, and help you attract more perfect customers.

What Do YOU Care About?

The Law of Attraction says that “like attracts like” so the subjects that interest you are likely to interest your perfect customers. You have access to knowledge that fascinates you and also will captivate your customers. Just sharing authentically about your passions and interests will grab their attention and offer true value.

Answer the following questions and see how many blog post ideas you can create.

1) What resources have you discovered that can benefit your customers? Include a resource review in your blog.

2) What tips can you offer people that will make a difference? Share one tip per post or create a list of tips on one topic.

3) What current events or news items are pertinent to your peeps? Let your readers know about what’s new in your industry or in the world that will effect them. Tie it back to how you help your clients succeed.

4) What challenges have you faced and what have you learned from them? One way to bring authenticity in to your blog is to include real life struggles and how you’re overcoming them. Your people will love you even more when they learn you are a real person too.

5) What marketing messages do you want to promote? Do you have a new paradigm to share or a new idea that you want everyone to know about. Write about it from a variety of angles in your blog. I am constantly writing about my Branding from the Heart process in different ways on my blog. Share about your passion, your ideas, your inspirations, on a regular basis.

6) What humorous antidotes to today’s reality can you share? Has something tickled your funny bone lately? Your readers will appreciate something that lifts their spirits and makes them laugh.

7) What interesting adventures have you taken recently? Your peeps want to know about your life. Share about your latest adventures in your blog and include photographs.

8) What subjects are your customers searching about now? Ask your clients what topics they’re interested in learning more about and write about that! They’ll be sure to read what you write about their topics of interest.

9) Are you an artist, not a writer? What have you created recently you can share with your peeps? Photo and art blogs are very popular and easy to promote on sites like Facebook and Pinterest.

Write down all the ideas you come up with and refer to them when you are looking for a new blog topic. How often you blog is up to you, what is sustainable for you. Consistency is key and if you’re offering good value on your blog, you’ll be rewarded by your expanding customer base.

Some Keyword Considerations

As you create your blog posts, make sure you consciously and consistently use the keywords and phrases you want to be found by AND that express your true purpose. I call these Magical Keywords and they empower logic with attraction.

It’s most important to use your keywords in the title, headlines, subheads and links on your posts and web pages. And if you submit your blog post to a variety of sites, you will be more likely to appear in searches for those phrases.

In the next article I’ll be writing about Where the Bleep to Blog to Get to Page One of Google.

Can you think of other great blog ideas?

What do you blog about? I’d love to hear from you in the comment field below. Feel free to post your blog address so we can visit your site.

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