speak with multiple people every day who are trying to give me a reason why they can’t be totally authentic. They don’t say it in exactly that way. They say things like (these are real things people have said to me in the past week):

“I’m trying to appeal to a more main-stream audience now so I don’t think I should mention spirituality on my website even though that is important to me in my personal life.”

“I don’t want to sound to woo woo so I was thinking of changing my message or offering.”

“I’m afraid of turning people off if I share that about myself.”

“I’ve been advised by three people in the last week not to use the word ‘Soul’ in my business name. I think that means I should take their advice.”

“I was told it’s not professional to x-y-z (whatever your real self-expression is).”

I guess the Universe knew just who to send these folks to because I seem to be the only one advising them to use their most authentic self as the measure against everything they do in their marketing. I know that in the middle of the night their purpose is calling them to share it with the world. All this advice about being professional and not turning people off is thwarting their ability to get their message to the world.

And for many, right now in this moment that feels like a good thing.

What, a good thing that they’re being advised not to be authentic? How could anyone feel that’s a good thing?

The reason is that being authentic is scary to them.

Being authentic means being vulnerable. It means showing your Soul to the world and opening up yourself to possible criticism, which in itself isn’t so bad but when it’s about your SOUL, that can be too hard to bear. Or so it seems.

I remember when I was afraid to let folks know I was into the magical aspects of life. I was afraid folks would think that I was spacey, ungrounded, deluded or insane. Then I changed my brand to include the word “Magical” and all that changed. I started attracting folks who are attracted to the magical so they love my unique brand.

Last year I came to realize that I’d been afraid to share my rebellious, even revolutionary side. I have a particular passion for civil rights and a desire to replace all anti-human, anti-nature systems with those designed to promote and support freedom, self expression and the preservation of our natural resources. I’m still working out how I can integrate my passion for social change with my marketing business. One way I’m doing that is by sharing this with you.

What can you share with your people that you haven’t shared before? What authentic expression can you send to your peeps that will reveal a deeper side of you, your Soul’s purpose? Share in the comments field below. I’d love to hear from you!


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