It’s 2014 already. Can you believe it?

costume-supergirl2I remember as a kid fantasizing about what life would be like in the year 2000 (I would be 40! How OLD!) and it seemed SO far off. I had many dreams about what I would be able to achieve as an adult when the world would be my oyster.

Even as I got older, like in my 20s, being 40 seemed very far off.  In my rebellious youth I engaged in movements to change the world and I thought our global society would be TOTALLY different by the time I was forty. Then 2000 came and went. The world seemed to need change even more than ever. I didn’t feel as OLD as I imagined I would when I was a kid.

Yes, the urgency to make a difference has increased. I’m almost 54 now and half my life is over I want my work to make the world a much better place.

Why? Over 20 million souls suffer in slavery on this earth, for one. People across the world, even in the USA, are starving as we speak! And corporate polluters have not slowed up their toxic dumping into our once pristine earth. Wars still ravage the world and innocent people die daily, funded by our tax dollars. And looming above all of this is a rampant anti-humanistic trend that seems to be darkening the world.

joan of arcIs there a way we can impact this? I say yes, by helping our people to transform their lives we are doing our part to transform the world.

So as we enter 2014, either cautiously or with a bang, I have a question for you ( and I’ll answer it too)

What’s Your New Year’s REVolution?

Yes, we all have our New Year’s RESolutions, I’ll lose weight, I’ll stop eating sugar, I’ll exercise more often…

But have we thought about our New Year’s REVolution? What will you be your cause this year? How will you transform the world?

There are ways to integrate your cause, your movement, into your marketing. Here are some easy steps you can take to do just that:

Happy_New_Year_Charlie_Brown1Step 1: Clarify who is your Soul Tribe? These folks are both your clients and your revolutionary comrades. Walking the same path as you, your Soul Tribe needs your services to succeed. One tool that will help you with this is the Attraction Plan you can find at Who are you uniquely qualified to serve? How will serving them support your purpose? How will it change the world? Answer these questions in a way that is perfect for you.

Step 2: Create your Authentic Message for the World. I call this a Brand Message but it’s so much more than what most folks say in their marketing. Your Authentic Message for the World includes your tribe, your gift and your goal, and it’s designed to attract and inspire your peeps to connect with you.

Here’s mine:

“I help spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs to clarify and express their purpose through branding and websites that attract their tribe and inspire a revolution”

Once you have your Authentic Message you want to expound on that throughout your marketing, letting people know where you stand and what you’re for, and make sure to invite folks to connect with you.

130905-Be-Yourself-when-Networking-275x275Step 3: Make REAL Connections With Your Tribe

You want to continuously offer your people the opportunity to connect with you in real time so you can share your message and start engaging your tribe. One of my favorite methods is with free webinars, online classes I can do with groups.

Whenever I offer a complimentary webinar to my tribe, I am fulfilling the aspect of my purpose designed to support change-makers to express their purpose in the world. I share my gifts as much as possible in the limited time, and offer real value to my peeps.  I also always open the lines to hear their questions so we can get to know eachother and explore how to support each other on the path.

Step 4: Make Sacred Sales

“Sales” is often seen as a dirty word to spiritually oriented people. These folks shy away from sales conversations because they don’t want to come off as caring only about the money. But Sacred Sales is about creating deep and lasting relationships with folks in your tribe, and serving them at the highest levels.

sacredspaceAs folks step up to work with you, your tribe expands and you are able to share your innate gifts, creating an impact literally across the globe. On the other hand, if you do not make sales, then you are not able to serve your tribe at the level they truly need, and your impact is limited.

A shift in our attitude toward sales is needed for our New Years REVolution. We need to create a sacred space for our sales conversations so we can connect deeply with folks, explore their needs, and offer the incredible services they were seeking all along.

The other day one of my new clients broke down into tears during our sales conversation. This is what she said to me, “I am saying yes to you Julia as a partner to my success, and as I say yes to you, I am saying yes to myself and YES to why I’m here.”

Because she stepped up and said YES to investing in herself, she will receive a tool that will carry her message around the globe to those who are seeking her gifts, her talents and her services.


Please feel free to share your inspirations below and we will hold the space for your New Year’s Revolution!