Julia CIA PuppetWhen I was a revolutionary journalist back in the late 80s and 90s, I was charged with discovering the essence of what was going on in a meeting that could go on for hours, and distilling it down to a few short paragraphs for publication in our small monthly newspaper.

My goal was to empower revolutionaries all over the world to learn from the best of what was happening in other movements. If there was a new expression of freedom wanting to be born, I wanted to capture it and share it with the world. (That’s me as a young activist in 1987 with one of our unique event promoting sculptures, the CIA puppet.)

Our ultimate aim as a newspaper was to inspire likeminded change-makers to connect and grow an overall movement for positive change. The message was the most important thing: the reason inside the actions that were taking place; the big WHY folks were putting their voices out there, sometimes putting their lives on the line for what they believed in. The clear sharing of that message would inspire the deep meaningful connection that was the goal of our efforts.

I’m really doing the same thing today for entrepreneurial change-makers helping them
make connections with like-minded souls from
around the world.

Whether they have a modality that will help people heal themselves without the need for drugs or doctors, or they have an ability to help brilliant visionaries to overcome whatever blocks are holding them back, or who have a unique approach to helping folks really make an impact, getting their message distilled into a powerful sentence is key to their success.

When they first come to me, the frustration they’re experiencing is palatable. I can feel it coming over the phone line when they try to explain to me the importance of their work and what makes them so radically different than anyone else in their field, or in the world. Sometimes it can take them 20 minutes or longer to really get it all out. I patiently listen because I know what they’re saying is the most important thing to them.

The problem is they’re describing what they do, getting into the details of all the different modalities they’ve combined, and how that makes them different from others who also have combined modalities. The message becomes confused. The connection is not made.

I feel for folks who are ready to make an impact but their message is not impactful.

That’s why I developed my revolutionary marketing program Branding from the Heart. This is the program that I created specifically to assist you to discover what’s most important to you in the world, and to share that depth through a brand message that will attract your Soul Tribe and inspire a deep, meaningful, long-term connection.

Now through Tuesday I’m offering it a $500 savings off the regular price of my Virtual Program, and when you act today, I’ll include time with me to distill your description into a sentence that captures your essence and expresses your unique brilliance. I am also including a bonus Website Analysis with me and a coupon for $1,000 off a Magical Marketing website, so it’s a huge value at an affordable price for folks who really want to get their message to the world.

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I want to help you truly inspire your Soul Tribe with your message. Allow me to use my brilliance to help you share yours.

PPS: For each person who registers in the Branding from the Heart Program, we will plant a tree in your name in a forest ravaged by wild fire. We have been supporting “Trees for a Change” for 3 years. As a tree-lover, I’m honored to support this creative effort by purchasing one tree per person registering in this program. This is our small way to help restore the forests of California after the recent fires.