Does it sometimes seem like your perfect clients are hiding from you? You have your whole gig set up basically to save their lives and where are they? Nobody calling in on the phone. Nobody applying for your strategy session (or maybe they don’t know you have one!)

You look around you in the Internet world and you notice other people seem to be succeeding… They have big groups on Facebook and big partners supporting their launches. They are always smiling in their profile photos and their personal shares show them vacationing in Hawaii with their whole family when you haven’t vacationed since you vacated that corporate job years ago.

What is going on here? Why are my clients hiding and theirs aren’t?

Here is the secret, and please take a breath because I’m going to turn this thing around on you and you may not like it.

dreamstime_2805793 webIt’s not them who’s hiding. It’s you.

Now them’s fightin’ words, you might say. I haven’t even looked at your marketing so how would I know? But I’m not trying to piss you off, I’m trying to help you see that being professional, copying the Internet gurus, and hiding your wonderful “woo” will not get you what you want.

Until you feel pain at the authenticity of your words, you are not providing your prospects with what they need to choose you.

Let me give you an example. Late last winter I had a lull in my business. I spoke with a lot of people but few were actually converting. I was getting frustrated. So I asked my biz partner Wencke what she thought and she told me my brand was off. I was hiding my rebel.

At first I got angry with her (like maybe you were angry with me when I said you’re the one who’s hiding.) I said I HAVE been showing my rebel, and she was just quiet. She does that strategic silence thing with me and it works.

I went off and wrote a letter so authentic, raw and real that I actually felt a stabbing pain in my gut as I wrote it. I revealed my angst and my rebel and I sent it to you, my peeps. And then I had two $20,000+ months. (FYI The letter was called “My identity crisis revealed…Vulnerable Share” and it was sent out April 4.)

I cannot fully explain how it works that my results were poor though I was totally actively marketing, and somehow my peeps knew I was off until I did that vulnerable share and then it all started flowing again.

But it works and Wenke knew it would. Sometimes you need someone who knows you to tell you you’re simply off.

I know it’s not as simple as just being honest. It’s about being honest in a way that fulfills your soul’s purpose while you’re serving the core needs of your clients.

And as I discovered, it’s not something you do once (like when I came out as magical in 2006). It’s something you continuously do as you follow your chosen path and discover deeper layers of authenticity to share.

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