Do you hate writing? Does the idea of content development make you squeamish?

The reason I ask is that because writing has always been fun and easy for me. It didn’t dawn on me for years that others really struggle with this, especially when it comes to writing content to attract clients.

Whenever I want to write a letter to my peeps, a blog post, or new a new website page, I just sit down and the words trickle through my head like water from a sieve. (That’s a line from a Lewis Carrol poem. Do you know it?)

I think another reason I didn’t write for my clients for years was that my father (a frustrated writer who was never published) told me writers don’t make money. I just absorbed that negative thinking. And though I was a rebel against most of what he taught me, this ‘teaching’ was absorbed as truth till just recently. That’s why even if you’ve known me a while, you might not realize I offer content writing services.

I believe content writing is the key to attracting and engaging your tribe. But if you don’t like to write, and so you just don’t do it, you are leaving a LOT of potential business on the table.

IF you struggle with this, I highly recommend you consider hiring a writer to help you create content that can reach, attract, engage and convert followers. Here are several ways writing can help you grow your reputation, expand your reach, grow your list, and attract clients – both online and offline.

1) Website Content Development:

Without great copy, all the time and money you put into your website will be wasted. Your website pages need to be written to attract the right people, engage them emotionally, and inspire them to take the right actions. Otherwise they may come but they won’t stay long enough to opt in or buy from you.

2) Blog Post Writing:

Sharing great content on a regular basis through your website can vastly improve your website’s Google ranking, build your online reputation, grow your email list, and attract a regular following. If you don’t update your site with new content, you pretty much won’t exist according to Google. At least one post per month will help you stay relevant.

3) Email Correspondence:

You might be growing your list if you have a great freebie, but if you aren’t following up with your peeps on a regular basis, providing them with tips, strategies, inspiration, and offers, your list will become ‘dead’ which means even if you do mail them, your letters are likely to go into spam. On the other hand, when you email your folks regularly, they get to know you and are more likely to respond to your offers.

4)  Social Media Posts:

Social Media is where folks go to meet people, learn new things, have fun, share insight and inspiration, and grow their businesses. Having regular social media content flowing through your various platforms not only helps you attract folks from those sites, but also helps you be found on Google searches. Posting daily will radically improve your results.

5)  Industry Articles:

If you are a genius in your field and have something new to share, there are a variety of ways to get your articles out into the Internet so that others in your industry can learn from you. This can really boost your reputation as an expert as well as help your website ranking (when you link back to your website or blog from your articles.)

6) Your Book:

Writing a book can really improve your reputation both online and offline. And your book can provide tons of content for your website, workshops, and other posts. When you have a book that showcases your expertise, you have an ‘in’ with interviewers of all kinds (radio, podcast, summits) which can radically expand your presence and help you attract leads and clients. You don’t even need to publish this book to have it work for you. You can offer it as a free eBook and get greater circulation that way. For instance, my book Branding from the Heart: How to Share Your Purpose through Marketing that Attracts Your Tribe and Inspires a Revolution has been downloaded by thousands of folks, many of whom have since hired me to do their branding. If book writing is way over your head, you could hire a ghost writer!

7) Your Signature Speech:

Getting into the public with your genius as a speaker is a great way to improve your visibility and reputation. You have a captive audience of folks who will feel like they know you, and you can make offers that grow your list and your client base. Writing a signature speech that distinguishes you as the go-to expert in your field will help you get more speaking gigs and potential business. Some really good speakers even get paid to speak or lead workshops.

8) Webinars and Training:

Yes, you need to write your presentations for online and offline training. Offering workshops and webinars are a great way to attract potential clients, but you need to know what to say, and how to structure your words to inspire engagement.

I’m sure there are more ways to use writing to attract and engage potential clients and grow your business. Please feel free to share your ideas and experiences in the comments below.

Want My Help with Your Content Writing?

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