Today I love the IRS. It hasn’t always been this way. Even just recently I was feeling very negatively toward our tax agency because they were telling me I neglected to file when I had proof that I filed and paid, and they were charging me some $1,500 due to my purported negligence.

So I had reason to hate them.

In fact I was resisting the whole time I contacted my CPA and wrote letters trying to resolve the issue. I was approaching the fuming stage when I called the IRS to find out why they were charging me money and making false claims. Was I surprised when it took over 75 minutes to get through to an agent, and when my phone went dead before I could get a resolve to my issue? No I wasn’t.

But I still resisted and fumed a bit more while trying to get some proof of filing from Turbo Tax. Strangely they disconnected me too.  And I was unable to get the proof I needed.

Until I had a little revolution of my own.

It was becoming ever more obvious that I was creating a negative situation with these agencies through my resistant vibration. I knew that I would only get the results I wanted if I changed my attitude 180 degrees. So I shifted my focus from fear and resistance to love.

I started by loving on Turbo Tax, intending to call and reach someone really helpful this time. I called and got through semi-quickly, and the lovely woman on the other end of the phone gave me the proof I needed, with prompt email follow up, all without charging me for next year’s program! I thanked her for being exceptionally helpful.

With my proof in hand I headed over to the IRS office, in person. I was going to get resolve on my issue and I could feel it.  On the way out my used-to-be-a-lawyer husband asked me where I was going.

“To the IRS office in Santa Rosa,”  I said cheerily.

“You’ll never get in,” he asserted, frowning.

“Have you ever been there?” I asked.


Case closed. I said, “I’m going to give it a try.” I was not going to be sucked in to the status quo. My revolution of love had to continue.

Once in my car I started imagining what I really wanted to happen, and even spoke it out loud to engage my angels. “I would like to get in to see someone in under 10 minutes, and I’d like to get out of there easily by 11am.” I paused, then added, “with everything resolved, of course.” I started imagining myself talking with the IRS agent, laughing and joking around. I felt my vibration raising as I did this.

Once at the Federal building, I loved on everyone I encountered; the random citizens walking in and out, the security guard who chatted and joked with me while asking for my I.D., the receptionist at the IRS who was resistant at first, but then warmed up to me and even giggled at one point.

And of course the agent. I was called in under 5 minutes and found myself in the office of a man named George who smiled kindly as I sat down.  He checked my records, explaining everything as he went along in a patient and friendly manner. We even joked around a bit before he said, “We will owe you about $3,000. We will be sending you a check.”

I looked at him sideways. Yes, I thought to myself, I did engage the angels but a $3,000 refund instead of a $1,500 bill? This was truly magical!

“Yes,” he assured me, and then he explained how I had paid but they hadn’t credited me so they were crediting me now and within a few days I will be sent a refund.

I walked out of there smiling ear to ear. The time was 10:57 am.

I’m not beating myself up that I spent months resisting and being freaked out and bitter about the IRS, after all, that would be counter-productive. I’m simply reminding myself and you in the process that how we are BEING as we move through this world is EVERYTHING to the outcome.

What’s your revolution of love? What can you turn around with a change of heart? I’d love to see your comments below.