It wasn’t the first time it had happened this way. Out of the blue someone called me all choked up about my website. She said it to me this way, “I have been searching SO long for someone to help me, someone who could get me. I had gotten to the point where I’d given up that I would EVER find the perfect one. And now I’ve found you. Your website made me weep it was so beautiful and I know you can help me.”

Really? My website made you weep?

“Oh, not just your website, your webinar too. I was weeping through the whole thing. I think it was because your message, I resonated with it so much. I haven’t been being authentic in my marketing. I’ve been hiding. But I’m not going to hide anymore. I know you can help me get my message out so I can attract my perfect customers too.”

When was the last time someone told you that your marketing touched them so deeply that they wept?

I can pretty much guarantee that if you are trying to market by describing your modalities or exactly HOW you get results and are leaving out the WHY, ie the authentic purpose of your life, then nobody will be touched or moved. But if you share what’s really important, what you’re out to change in the world and in their lives, that is what will inspire them.

Let me give you an example for contrast:

Just describing offerings:

I am a graphic and website designer and I create logos, websites and a variety of online and print marketing for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Notice how this is so generic almost any designer you know would fit this description.


An inspired message:

I help spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs to clarify and express their purpose through branding and websites that attract their tribe and inspire a revolution.

This evokes emotion and includes meaning and purpose. My personality shows through and it becomes easier to see how I’m unique.

When I couple this clarity of expression with beautiful artwork and designs that capture my essence, my communications are irresistible. In fact, they are inspired and they reach people in their soul.

If you would like help creating your wildly attractive authentic brand, please come to my complimentary webinar, “Branding Basics for Spiritual Business Women and Conscious Entrepreneurs” on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at Noon PT.

In this content-rich training, I will demonstrate

~ How to integrate the Law of Attraction into your brand to empower you to attract perfect customers

~ Important insights for marketing to an audience of spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs

~ My formula for creating a wildly attractive heart-felt brand message

~ Why and how to attract people on the same life path as you are on

~ How you can transform the world through your business and marketing…

~ And I’ll Take Your Branding Questions Live!



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