talk-with-coworker3-md-25824903A conversation with my potential client the other day went like this.

“I need just a basic site,” she said. “Something that will attract people to my new program.”

I was looking at her current site and noticed it was a basic cookie-cutter template site and the text was mostly descriptive and there was no opt-in box to capture potential client information.

“Don’t look at my current site. That really doesn’t represent what I want to do,” she said when I mentioned the no opt-in thing.

I asked her more about what she wants to do and after she described several new healing and coaching modalities she had mastered which solve a litany of imbalances. When I probed further I discovered that she was doing what so many others like her are doing that will drive their perfect customers AWAY from their site.

After listening to her for a while I said, “What you’re doing will drive people away rather than attract them. Do you want to know why?”

“Of course,” she said.

“As you’ve been talking about your business with me today, you have been describing your modality rather than expressing your purpose,” I said. “This kind of describing is too passive to engage your perfect customers. They want to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. That’s your purpose.”

“My purpose?” She seemed surprised. “Really, that’s what you think I should make my website about? That’s not what I was told”

“So they didn’t tell you that your purpose is the most compelling thing about you and that your marketing copy should express that?” I said smiling.

“No they did not,” she said, and we had a little chuckle.

“So that’s why you need more than just a website. You need a website that is a reflection of your soul’s purpose, your path in life. That is what will attract your most perfect customers because they are just like you in that way. They are on the same path and they need your help to go further.”

“I like that approach,” she said. “It’s very aligned with my own work. But how do you do that? How do you make a site that reflects my soul?” she asked.

We spoke for a while about what she’s really up to and how I can help her. It was important to leave her understanding clearly what she needs to create a wildly attractive website that is a true reflection of her passion, purpose, and personality.

This list of needs holds true for just about every person I speak with who wants to attract their perfect customers online:

1) A clear idea of who your perfect customers are. Some people call this a ‘niche.’ I call them your Soul Twins.

2) A clear, compelling brand message that reflects your purpose, your gift and relates to your perfect customers

3) A brilliant free offer that inspires people to give you their name and contact information.

4) A beautiful and visually resonant aesthetic designed to feel like the result of your work, consistently applied to all of your marketing (a brand visual)

5) A custom wordpress site designed to attract your perfect customers, express your message, and inspire the desired actions. This site should have a unique look that sets you apart and leaves a memorable impression.

6) A plan for automatic follow-up including auto-response email campaigns for your free offer that inspire your subscribers to take the next step with you.

7) Multiple integrated social media sites that attract folks to your site and help your Google ranking.

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