How Can You Tell if Your Spiritual Business Website is Working for You or Not TitleThese days it’s quite a challenge when you are a spiritually inspired entrepreneur trying to grow your business online.

Why? Because so much of the advice we get from marketers flies in the face of what’s important to us. You know, things like honesty, Law of Attraction, and really helping our Soul Tribe instead of trying to trick people.

In fact, so much of the online marketing arena has no scruples. This turns most heart-based business owners off completely from marketing. Or they try it and it ruins their business. I really believe marketing the ‘normal’ way can sabotage your business.

So what’s a spiritual entrepreneur to do to attract their Soul Tribe online?

There are a million things you can do to get exposure online, but I think the most important tribe attracting tool you can have is your own website, and to make sure that it’s authentically you. When we consider the Law of Attraction which says, “like attracts like,” we really are attracting a tribe much like ourselves. And to do that requires that we be really straight forward and not use any of those tricks the marketers tell us to use.

Being truly authentic and communicating what is most important to you are keys to attracting people who are aligned with your message and will be ideal customers for you.

Having your own website ensures you can control your brand and communications.

When you own your own platform and have full control over it, you are better able to do all the things that help attract, engage and convert your customers online, and do them consistently. Relying on social media or 3rd party sites to get exposure puts control in their hands, not yours. Generally now a-days most business owners have at least a self-made website or a WordPress site they can update themselves, which is a start.

The problem is often the websites aren’t working.

How can you tell if your Spiritual Business Website is working for you or not?

Step 1: Evaluate Your Own Website

There are several things to consider when evaluating your website it can be confusing where to start. So I have created a Magical Website Checklist to help you determine what’s working or not working about your current website. You can get the Checklist by clicking the banner on this page, or use this link << HERE >>

Step 2: Apply for a Private Website Analysis

I am opening my calendar for a select number of private website reviews with members of my tribe who are serious about making sure their website will attract and engage their Soul Tribe. If you would like to apply for one of these private sessions, you are encouraged to fill out my form < HERE > so I can learn more about your business and be a better adviser for you.

Let me know how you like the Magical Website Checklist in the comments below!

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