If you have experienced frustration around your website not attracting and engaging ideal customers, you are not the only one. I speak with lots of people each month who have websites that are not working for them.

Over the past 17 years that I’ve been designing websites, I have learned what causes the horrifying dilemma of “I paid good money for this site, why isn’t it working?!!!” and how to fix it.

In this post I’ll outline the top 5 reasons your site is not attracting your tribe, and I’ll provide tips for how to make your site Wildly Attractive. And if you need more help, I’ve opened my calendar in the month of December to offer six of you a fully complimentary private Website Analysis to help you magnetize your online presence.

The Top 5 Reasons Your Site is Not Attracting Your Tribe:

Reason #1: The Site is Not Clearly Branded

Lack of brand clarity is a key reason websites fail to attract. If your site does not clearly and memorably express who you are and what makes you and your offerings different and special, your site visitors will not be inspired to connect with you. They also will not remember you later, even if they do spend some time on your site.

Wildly Attractive Tip: Clarify your brand message to include your mission, the results you offer, how you help people, and what makes you unique. If you include words and phrases that reflect your true life’s purpose, what is most important to you in the whole world, this will help your brand identity to authentically represent you.

Reason #2: The Site Design is Not Reflective of Your Unique Brilliance

If you had a programmer put together your site without great branding to guide them, or if you used a standard website template to put your message out online, chances are your site is not reflective of your unique brilliance and may even be ugly! Yes, I know of several multi-millionaires who made their fortunes with horribly designed sites, however this is no longer acceptable to the sophisticated conscious customer you are seeking. They want to feel your resonance coming through the site so they can have an experience of you when you are not there in person.

Wildly Attractive Tip: For a site that reflects the beauty and magic within you, make sure you have a clear brand visual aesthetic. Select imagery that you love, that resonates with you, and if you are not a designer, work with a designer who gets you and who can capture your essence in your site design.

Reason #3: The Site Operates from Old Paradigm Marketing Strategies

If your site was well planned and even branded, but was created in the old paradigm of target marketing and not from your heart, your tribe will not recognize you when they find your site. The old paradigm encourages you to figure out what will sell and who to sell it to without considering your soul’s purpose. This results in generic, hypey marketing that may attract generic people, but not your tribe.

Wildly Attractive Tip: Make sure your site copy is written from the heart. Share authentically how you serve people and what your gifts are. Don’t try to ‘sell’ your visitors, but rather inspire them to interact with you. They want to interact with you because they are aligned with you and your authentic marketing helps them recognize you as the one they’ve been seeking.

Reason #4: The Site Cannot Be Found

Even the best sites can languish in cyberspace never to be found if they are not Google Friendly and if they are not listed on the popular Social Networks. You want your site to come up on the searches your peeps are making to find you.

Wildly Attractive Tip: Choose your keywords wisely based on what your customers say they would search to find you and what words are a true reflection of your essence and gift. Include these words in your titles, headlines, links and tags on your site. And most importantly make sure you link to your site from multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Pinterest, Squidoo, etc.

Reason #5: They’re Visiting But Not Engaging

I remember the old days when I used to resist the need for an opt-in box on every website. What was I thinking? I have come to realize that having a clear, compelling and easy way for site visitors to give you their information is the MOST important element for engaging with your potential clients.

Wildly Attractive Tip: If you want to make sure your site visitors have a way to stay in touch so that when they’re ready to move forward, make sure you have a compelling free offer that visitors will gladly give you their contact info. For extra effectiveness, design the offer and the sign-up area to be Wildly Attractive.

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