Love LettersWhen you are using your Attraction Plan regularly, you attract people to your business who are truly aligned with you, who really get you, and who you would love to sit down with to have tea together. When your work with them is really ‘on’ you walk away even more energized after you helped them than you were before.

That’s because with these clients it’s a real love affair.

That’s one reason I prefer helping people attract clients rather than their perfect mate… because you get to attract them over and over and over. In fact you are attracting your tribe.

A few of my peeps recently mentioned marketing on Craigslist and it reminded me of one of the first Internet marketing articles I ever wrote back in ’97 for the now defunct paper Bay Area Business Woman.  The article was designed to help folks write from the heart in their online marketing.

What I suggested back then is what I recommended to these ladies who were planning to advertise on Craigslist: Write a love letter to your clients.

A really great love letter gets to the heart of the matter. I don’t like a lot of gushing or what I call “Hype”. Just straight talk about who you are, who you’re helping, why you’re helping them, and the bit of magic you’re going to let them in on when they connect with you.

One client of mine, a psychic, took this bit of advice and wrote a letter from the heart about how she helps folks connect with those loved ones who have passed. She wrote from the heart about how she loves to provide this service and the kinds of experiences her clients have had. That night she received 2 calls from perfect customers who each wanted a session with her.

When you share from the heart in your marketing, there is nothing more attractive to your perfect customers because you are alike. Speak directly to them, offer them some hope, and give them a way to connect with you.

Let me know how it goes using the comments field below.