When you’re marketing online, copy writing becomes key to attracting and engaging your tribe. Most people don’t sit down to figure out all the copy that is needed, and most of the time this is a big stopping point. Some folks don’t market at all because they’re stuck on what to do, and specifically what to write.

In this post I’m going to outline the various kinds of copy writing you will need to be doing … or have someone do for you … to attract and engage the right people online. My aim is to bring clarity and help you understand what you need to have. But if any of this is overwhelming for you, just take a breath. You don’t have to do all of this at once.

And if you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out. I provide authentic copywriting services and can help you get it all done. OK here we go, what do you need to write to attract your tribe?

First Copy to Write: Your Website Content

This may be obvious but let’s start here. If you are marketing online you need website content, such as your Home, Thank You, About, Services, Events, Products, Blog, Contact Page, Terms of Service, and Privacy Pages. Each of these pages needs to specify what the reader should do next, ie a, “call to action.”

Allow me to briefly outline what goes on each page of your website… and remember, Google likes between 450 and 1350 words on each page to glean what it’s about:

Home or Welcome Page: This is where you will either capture the attention of your tribe, or lose them forever. So the Home Page is the most important page on your website. This page needs to identify your tribe, what they’re dealing with, and how you solve that problem. It also need to lead them to take specific actions. I like the steps approach, outlining for them what steps you recommend they take. Don’t forget to offer a great freebie that inspires them to give you their name and email. Check out my Home Page Copy here for an example. I get calls from folks who found me online and feel already like we’re connected. That’s due to engaging copy!

Thank You Page: This is the page that people will land on after they opt in to your freebie. This should advise them to check their inbox for the freebie, provide instructions for what they should do next, and an invitation to connect with you or attend a free webinar. This is your opportunity to engage your tribe and encourage them to go more deeply into your process.

About Page: Here is where you will tell the world who you are and what you do. Tell them about your special procedures and invite them to connect with you. Include a bio with your education and certifications, and if you are a speaker, a speaker sheet should be linked from this page.

Services: For S.E.O. purposes it’s best to have a separate page with appropriate title for each of your services. The Services button on the navigation bar can simply bring up the drop down menu with all your services listed there. Or you can have a services page like we do here (Magical Marketing Services Page) which outlines the unique process we use with our clients. We also have drop down menu pages for the specific services Authentic Branding Services and Spiritual Website Design.

Events: I like to use the Blog feature for events. You can create a category “Events” in your blog and then when you are advertising a new event, create a new post with the Events category. Use a clear title … generally the title of the event, as your post title. Include all the details for your event including images and a link to register.

Products: If you are selling products on your site, you will need to write copy about each product. As holds true for the Services, you also want each product to have it’s own page, well titled and with a good 450 words of description.

Blog: A blog is key for bringing traffic to your site and also telling Google that your site is up to date and should be indexed more frequently for new content. I advise that you write a post once per week that is 450 words or more, and make sure your title helps a cold visitor to know what it’s about. You are reading my blog now, but you can see my main blog page that displays all my recent posts here.

Contact: If someone wants to contact you, they need a place to do that. Make sure you have a contact page that includes your office contact information … but NEVER your email. Add a contact form that sends to you without revealing your email address, otherwise you will be inviting spam. Our Contact Page is here. Pretty simple, but it works!

Terms of Service & Privacy Pages: These are a necessary evil. My recommendation is to google “Privacy Page for {your industry}” and copy one you find there. As for your terms, you can do a search for that too, but also post the terms from your contracts/agreements. This helps you to prove that your customers understood or at least had access to your terms. You can see the Magical Marketing Terms of Service here and the Magical Marketing Privacy Page here.

Next Copy to Write: Email Campaigns and Follow Ups

When people opt in to get your freebie from your website, you need to write the emails that will follow up with them, including the auto-responder that immediately tells them where to get the freebie, and how to connect with you. 

Then you will need letters going out from your campaign in sequence designed to inspire action from your followers. This can be a lot of letters. Luckily your letters don’t have to be long. It’s best to actually write the minimal amount required to inspire your peeps to visit your website to read a post, watch a video or download another freebie. Short, simple and to the point works better where emails are concerned.

It’s best practice to plan your email campaigns to be really educational, original, and helpful. You will also want to schedule to email your list at least once per week with new content… again blog posts, videos, short trainings, and the like are best.

Next Copy to Write: Social Media Posts

I believe it’s important to have a number of online platforms which reveal what you are about and help people to find you and your website. That means you should be on every social media site you can stomach! I recommend posting regularly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Business Listing. 

Most of these social media sites have ways to connect with new people, join groups, follow conversations by tags, post articles, post videos, share events, and the list goes on. I realize it’s pretty hard to keep up with all these sites so it’s best to have a plan where you can write a blog post for your website and then create social media posts that lead back to the blog. And intermix those with short quote memes that are very popular these days.

Make sure to update your profiles on these pages, including your About text… Try editing your About page from your website for this purpose, but change it up a bit for each profile so you are not duplicating too much copy. Google likes fresh content! 

Feeling Overwhelmed? Magical Marketing can Help You With Your Copy Writing and Content Development Needs.

We provide content for all your marketing needs, and our process is fully collaborative so your voice shines through.

If you would like to discuss getting help with your content development, posts, and other marketing text, please feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Form and we will reply with a link to schedule.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know by commenting below.

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